PS Vita Round-Up: Get Your Analog Sticks Ready

By Andrew McDanell on July 31, 2013, 3:20PM EDT

The PlayStation Vita is full of great potential as its library of games is growing all the time, with new additions every month.

That's where Gaming Union's newest feature PS Vita Round-Up comes into play. Every month we will be bringing you the latest and greatest releases available for the PlayStation Vita platform that you need to know about.

So get your dual-analog sticks ready, and let's dive into the big releases for the month of August 2013!

Dragon's Crown
Action adventure 2D beat 'em ups never looked this good. Dragon's Crown is from the makers of Odin's Sphere, Vanillaware, and they're at it with gorgeous 2D hand-drawn characters, enemies, and environments.

It comes complete with 6 different classes that feature unique skills, dungeons to explore, treasures to be found, and baddies to be pummelled. While also available on the PS3, the Vita version of this title still contains all the great features found in its home console brother. All in a small portable option.

While it does not feature cross-buy with the PS3 to save you cash, it does feature cross-save to transfer your save data. Dragon's Crown will be available on August 6th in North America and late 2013 for Europe.

The Walking Dead Season 1 and 400 Days
Telltale Games' Game of the Year winning episodic gaming series The Walking Dead is soon to arrive on the Vita console. With it's arrival, Vita will also receive the newest installment 400 Days.

If you haven't experienced The Walking Dead series yet, now is the best time to jump in. Expect Telltale Games The Walking Dead to arrive in North America on August 20th. Also a Vita bundle will be available at that time for $249. No word on European launch.

The newest fighting craze is soon to reach the PlayStation Vita. Divekick is a simple, yet tactical fighter that features 2 buttons. One to jump, and one to drop kick. Sounds simple right? But that couldn't be further from the truth.

Throw in one hit kills, power-ups, unique abilities, and you have a fighting game that mixes things up. Expect Divekick to hit North America on August 20th, and Europe on the 21st. Those with both PS3 and Vita will be happy to know the game also features cross-buy.

Real Boxing
Built on the Unreal 3 Engine, this boxing game has been best-in-class on the mobile scene for some time. Natively enhanced for the PS Vita platform-expect online matches, real-time pain, and much more to make for a great boxing game on the go.

Jab, hook, weave, and knock your way to the top of leaderboards. Real Boxing has no exact release date, but expect it sometime in August.

Little Acorns
Spiderman meets cute furry creatures in this fast-paced action platformer. Guide a raccoon through bite sized levels of peril as you seek to gather acorns for your nest.

Swing over enemies, bash them in the head, and snag all the acorns you can find. Little Acorns is due for a August 6th North American release and August 7th European release.

That's all the set dates we have for this edition of PS Vita Round-Up. Save your cash and place your orders. If there's any particular title you're excited about, drop us a comment and let us know! Be sure to check back next month for another Vita Round-Up as it's shaping up to be a big one!

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