PS4 Countdown: Top Five Obvious Reasons To Get A PS4

By Adam Ma on November 12, 2013, 3:21PM EDT

So it's only a few more days until PlayStation 4 is launched and maybe you're looking for those last few excuses to pick up the console. Maybe it's something to help justify the purchase or help rest your mind at ease that the PS4 will be the go-to for gaming in this next generation.

Well whether or not you need "˜em, here are a few more great reasons (or excuses) to go out and pick one up come launch. That is, if you hadn't already planned to:

Sony Holds Onto Exclusive Games/Developers Better
For those of us who value first party or exclusive titles, Sony's track record for keeping games dedicated to a single platform is almost unparalleled. Beyond PSOne classics like Final Fantasy and perhaps Tomb Raider and some other third-party games on PS2, Sony has managed to hold onto most of their iconic franchises throughout the duration of PS3's existence and gained some as it went on.

This generation was of course slightly different, as the majority of PS3 exclusives were from first-party developers, but Metal Gear Solid 4 is still plugging away as a PS3 exclusive. Also, the developers of franchises like Uncharted, God of War, Rachet and Clank, Killzone and inFamous show no sign of ever breaking ship (aside from Insomniac, who just wanted to branch out). Some have even decided to make the relationship stronger. The same certainly can't be said for the rival console, with titles like Mass Effect losing their exclusivity and studios like Bungie and Bizarre Creations opting to move away from Microsoft.

It's less expensive than the Xbox One, but more expensive than the Wii U, and there's not much more to say than that. Considering that it's a machine designed to not only perform as a gaming console, but as a quasi-multimedia machine, you should keep in mind the cost does reflect every feature the PS4 can do.

That being said, for such an extreme boost in graphics and performance the PS4's lower price point does make for a compelling argument.

PS Vita Integration (if you already own one)
Anyone investing in Sony's handheld has nothing but benefits from the PS4 as most games that are available for both platforms offer a wide range of integration for both systems to work in tandem.

Free digital copies for the Vita appears to be the most popular option, but using the console as a second screen or for remote play seem to be features the console and handheld are both able to manage at this time. To find out more about this, see our dedicated PS4 and PS Vita article.

Feature Access Without PlayStation Plus
Sony has hopped on board the online subscription game, but those still looking to take advantage of features like Netflix can do so without any premium subscription fees; and although the difference between Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus are virtually nonexistent at this point, anyone not interested in online gameplay will at least have something to boast about should they decide to stream some movies.

Free to play games and some very niche features like party chat should all still fall under this category as well, keeping the PS4 at least one step above Nintendo in what its basic online has to offer.

DualShock 4 Is A Great Improvement From DualShock 3
Surprisingly enough, controller is a massive deal breaker for many gamers, and for those who actually avoided the PS3 because of its handling, the PS4 has made some massive improvements to its controller design.

Both those with smaller hands and those who found the old L2 R2 buttons to be inconvenient should find themselves very pleased with the button layout, and compared to the Xbox One and the massive Wii-U pad, the DualShock offers a very ergonomic layout that may sway those who weren't a fan of the controller in the past.

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