Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Wallace Wells And Online Multiplayer Impressions

By Spencer Pressly on March 19, 2013, 1:31PM EDT

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World was a bit of an obsession of mine back in 2010 with the movie and video coming out along side the finale of the book series. Now over two years later Ubisoft has graced Scott Pilgrim vs. The World The Game with a new DLC pack giving the game online multiplayer and being able to play as Wallace Wells. Now that many people are returning to this sidescrolling 2D beat-em-up, is there still a reason to pick this game up again?

As far as the new character Wallace Wells is concerned he is a bit of a mixed bag. On the surface it is awesome to have a brand new character to play as, but if you take a closer look things get a bit sketchy. Wallace is actually a reskin of Stephen Stills and this becomes quite apparent very quickly. A few of his new moves are just the same attacks, but with a new color or rainbow alongside it.

The actual new pieces of content with gameplay here are even still the reused from the original game and concept art. For example his taunt is a sloppy mess of a totally different sprite used in the background of the game and only has three frames of that sprites animation. So it slows things down and makes it look like someone with no experience animating designed this character.

While Wallace is a fun character to play as this only because it is one of the original character that were greatly designed. Everything else about him just seems like a lazy cash in, but the fact that this took more than two years makes no scenes. It is pretty clear that a whole new team or even a few poor souls over at Ubisoft had to design this latest DLC with no help from the original team.

Online multiplayer makes up the rest of the DLC pack and has been something people have wanted since the games original release in 2010. The feature had been worked on by the original team, but due to time and budget constraints had to be scrapped. Now if you purchase this DLC you can team up with friends and random people online to playthrough the entire game without ever having to have the company of real human friends nearby.

The online seems to be extremely spotty in terms of quality, but never is unplayable. Still in a fast paced brawler such as Scott Pilgrim it would've been more impressive to mimick the netcode of other games such as Castle Crashers in terms of online quality. The addition of microphone support is also welcomed, but the overall experience seems lacking.

This DLC might as well have been called "The Lost & Found Box" Because it takes what the original game had left behind and does nothing to improve the original game. For $5 it is hard to recommend that anyone who isn't a die hard Scott Pilgrim fans pick this newest content up. Still there are now some great bundles available out with the original game and all of the DLC if you have never picked up the game. For everyone else who picked up this title almost threes ago will no be missing out by ignoring this DLC that is late to the party.

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