The Last Of Us: Abandoned Territories Impressions

By Spencer Pressly on October 22, 2013, 5:03PM EDT

By now quite a lot of people have played through The Last of Us. After all it got a considerable amount of praise following its release, and for good reason. You can read more about that in our review. We're now quite a few months after and Naughty Dog has just released the first batch of DLC. The Abandoned Territories Map Pack is the first part of season pass for The Last of Us and adds four brand new maps to the game's multiplayer. If you didn't purchase the season pass already this DLC is $9.99, but are these four new maps worth going back into the multiplayer with all the big games releasing?

Suburbs, Bus Depot, Bookstore, and Hometown are the four new maps added. All of these maps are taken from the single player campaign and redesigned to better fit multiplayer and in Hometown's case show us a side of level we have yet to see. My personal highlight of these maps has to be Hometown and that is because we finally get to return to Joel's hometown where the incredible game's opening took place. Returning to it in the intense 4v4 multiplayer is such a treat of nostalgia since we don't get to spent much time with this level unlike other maps from the story.

The rest of the maps really do a good job of offering a bit of variety especially if you have been looking for something to spice up the handful of maps that launched with the game. Suburbs is a much less urban map as the name would suggest. It is another good example of how well The Last of Us nails not only the incredibly dark, but bright colorful parts of it's world. The last two maps, Bus Depot and Bookstore are similar as they take areas out of the city taken back by nature. While they are both similar they still play extremely differently in the way they are laid out. Bus Depot is long map that is divided by a large gate in the middle. Bookstore on the other hand is a much tighter map that forces both teams to rely on stealth to get the drop on enemies.

If you have been devotedly playing the multiplayer for The Last of Us then these maps act as a great addition to an already great game. Still if you don't own the season pass you might feel like the content in this DLC is lacking. Ten dollars for four maps and a handful of new headpieces with no new trophies feels a bit to high even with all of the great map design. So unless you plan on playing the $20 up front for the season pass this DLC feels a tad overpriced, but not enough to not reccomend this to anyone who loves the game's multiplayer.

The season pass for will come with two multiplayer packs, a single player story releasing sometime in the next few months, various headpieces for your character, and a fantastic documentary about The Last of Us that can only be bought with the season pass and is a must see for anyone who loves behind the scenes videos. The Abandoned Territories Map Pack came at a great time to pick up and get into some fantastic multiplayer matches with The Last of Us if you have not played in a long time. Naughty Dog has done a good job at patching the game to add in fixes and even a brand new game mode free of charge called interrogation. Have you been playing the DLC for The Last of Us already and what would you like to see Naughty Dog do with future DLC? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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