Top 15 Metal Gear Solid Moments

By Spencer Pressly on September 3, 2013, 3:04AM EDT

Today marks the 15th anniversary of Metal Gear Solid being released on the PS1 in Japan and I thought this would be the perfect time to countdown the top 15 moments from this extremely memorable game. Now be warned that this list will contain spoilers so be prepared if you have not played this game yet. More importantly if you have not played Metal Gear Solid or any other Metal Gear game then you need to do yourself a favor and pick up The Legacy Collection today! Without further adue here is the top 15 Metal Gear Solid Moments.

15. Finding Your First Cardboard Box

The cardboard box is one of the most universally recognized parts of Metal Gear and it isn't even needed to beat the game. Such a ridiculous concept immediately stands out to this day and has made an appearance in almost every major release since Metal Gear. Since Metal Gear Solid was most players first game in the series, most people started their cardboard box collection here and haven't looked back since.

14. Looking At Polygon Butts

Hideo Kojima must have really thought it was funny making players look at PlayStation One era polygonal butt...and you know what he was right. Whether it be the unconscious Johnny Sasaki (a.k.a. Akiba) or are just trying to see who's butt wiggles the most feminine I still giggle at these silly little moments and while that just sounds childish at first I am laughing out of nostalgia 15 years later.

13. Post Credit Scene

When I finished playing through Metal Gear Solid for the first time, I had this feeling of accomplishment and that I just wrapped up a pretty crazy story. Little did I and millions of other players out there know that this was just the beginning of so many more events that would follow in later games. This post credits scene was a simple audio conversation between Ocelot and the President of the United States, but left so many questions that would have to wait until Metal Gear Solid 2.

12. The Revolver Ocelot Fight

Ocelot makes his grand introduction in Metal Gear Solid by tieing up the ArmsTech President to a bunch of C4 and then challenges you to fight. This was the first real boss fight you face in the game and the second the music starts you know this will be an intense fight. His bouncing bullets were unlike anything you had faced, but overcoming him and seeing his right hand chopped up was super satisfying.

11. Realizing What Cigarettes Are REALLY For

Have you ever been playing a game for a really long time and realize something over 2 hours into playing something so obvious that you have to say "OOOOhhhh" out loud because you missed it? Well I had that moment playing Metal Gear Solid and discovering that you could use the cigarettes to detect where infrared lasers you previously couldn't see without night vision goggles. Ever since learning this handy trick I have been using it whenever I could as to not waste the cigarettes Snake brought.

10. The Opening

Popping in Metal Gear Solid and starting up a new game was/still is like starting an epic movie. With the fantastic score, voice acting, presentation/production values, and of course the in game credits being shown is still not something you really see a lot in games. While seeing the name of the game's Director Hideo Kojima didn't mean most in 1998, he is a legend among video game makers 15 years later.

9. The Torture Scene

Being caught by and sent to Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid was much more than a cutscene. You had to hold out against his torture or else Meryl would be killed. If this was not enough pressure for you, dying during torture wouldn't let you continue and the game told you (the player) this straight up. So if you are the kind of player who didn't save often, this would kick you all the way back to your last save. Talk about real torture!

8. Escaping The Prison Cell

Whether you were strong enough to endure Ocelot's torture or just gave in, you were far from being safe. After the torture, Snake is placed in a cell with the rotting corpse of the real DARPA chief and has to find a way out. There were so many ways to trick the guard and escape that picking a favorite way of escape is almost impossible.

7. Looking For Meryl's Codac Number

Finding Meryl's codac number is much more complicated your first time then you might think. All you knew is that you needed to talk to her in order to progress in the story and her codec number was on the back of the CD case. I am just glad that I was not the only one who couldn't figure it out right away. Although finally finding it cleverly hidden on the back on the games case (or game manual if you're playing the PSN version) remains one of the most brilliant moments in Metal Gear history.

6. Getting Your First Game Over

While no one likes to die in any video game, but getting your first game over in Metal Gear Solid treated you to one of your team members screaming this famous line at you "Snake? ...Snake? ...SNAKE!!!!!". Unless you had amazing luck, chances were that you would have this happen at least once before beating the game. This line has had a legacy alongside the cardboard box and continues to appear in future Metal Gear games even the ones without voice acting.

5. Fighting Sniper Wolf

I am going to have to cheat and combine both fights here on this list. Both fights are just so intense and have such heavy emotions wrapped around them. The first time meeting Sniper Wolf and trying to rescue Meryl after she had just been wounded from Sniper Wolf's shot had me in a rush to save this girls life. Then after that, finally beating her a second time leads to her death and one of the saddest moments in the game where Ocelot confesses how he really felt about her. Picking which moment is better is something I always have trouble doing and instead will just combine them for this number five spot.

4. Snake Vs. Liquid Vs. FOXDIE

The ending fight between Snake and Liquid brings a whole new meaning to grand finale. Not only does it start off with you taking on Metal Gear Rex alongside Grey Fox, but then has you brawling on top of Rex to see which clone is truly the superior. If that was not enough just when you thought you were in the clear Liquid chases you down in a final car chase as Shadow Moses is being blown to smithereens. After all of this Liquid just won't seem to die that is until the very last second when FOXDIE finally kicks in saving Snakes life and ending Liquids. Now that is how you end make a final boss fight.

3. Fighting The Cyborg Ninja

The cyborg ninja is easily one of the most memorable characters from Metal Gear Solid (cutting off an arm makes for a good introduction). The design was so futuristic for the time and his ruthless killing made him look some sort of uncontrollable demon. So finally having to come up against him in a hand to hand fight always remains on of the top boss fights in the game no matter how many times you play the game again.

2. Psycho Mantis Breaking The Fourth Wall

While most people assume this would make the spot they are sorely disappointed. Now don't get me wrong the entire boss fight with Psycho Mantis is amazing for it's breaking the fourth wall moments. Reading your mind and telling you what Konami games you liked to play, moving your controller, controlling your actions, and many more moments really do make Psycho Mantis the most memorable boss fight in Metal Gear Solid.

1. Getting Caught For The First Time

The most memorable moment in Metal Gear Solid without a doubt has to be getting caught for the first time. Triggering the alarm and going into alert was the fastest I had ever gone from fine to OH MY GOD HIDE ME! This was the game's way of teaching you that you really needed to stay as sneaky as possible. Out of all the moments that happened in Metal Gear Solid, no other moment will be as burned into my memory as getting caught and seeing... "!"

I sure hope you enjoyed reading my Top 15 Metal Gear Solid Moments and if you didn't like what I picked or the order things are in, remember this is my list not yours. In celebration for Metal Gear Solid turning 15 years old today we would love to hear what are some of your most memorable moments from Metal Gear Solid. So let us know what you think in the comments below and remember to always follow the footsteps.

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