Top 5 Coolest/Dumbest Pokémon

By Jared Scott on August 18, 2013, 3:18PM EDT

One of the greatest debates of the Pokémon franchise is whether or not newer Pokémon have been dumbed down in appearance.

Regardless of your stance on this argument, one fact remains, each generation has had its share of Pokémon within the cool or downright dumb looking variety.

As we build up to the release of Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, we not only point out the dumbest of the dumb, but the coolest of the cool from Generations I through V. So without much further ado, here are the five dumbest Pokémon to have ever been created:

Dumbest Pokémon

5. Breloom
What exactly are we looking at? Is it a mushroom, a dinosaur, a kangaroo, or perhaps a mutated stick of broccoli? Breloom may just be the perfect example of too many ideas thrown together. It's not that this Pokémon is ugly per-se, it just happens to be hard to find a real world object to relate it to.

Each time I see this Grass and Fighting-Type, I end up scratching my head asking myself, "What the heck is it?" Frankly, it's a Pokémon that just doesn't make much sense. Thankfully, by having both Fighting and Grass attributes, Breloom is somewhat redeemable in the fact that he is both a powerful ally and a worthy opponent.

4. Lickilicky
Many may remember the little oddball Pokémon from Generation I named Lickitung. Though very strange in appearance, Lickitung was a well-liked Pokémon because of its recognizable, long tongue and adorable expression.

Sadly, Generation IV decided that Lickitung needed an evolution and blighted us with the obese creature known as Lickilicky. Lickilicky lacks the charm and silliness that Lickitung had and is little more than a gumball with limbs and a tongue. In fact, the only similarities these two Pokémon share are the trademark tongue and thumb nails. Most of the interesting cream-colored designs have been removed in place of three bland, crescent shaped markings on Lickilicky's huge belly.

The large tail has also been shrunken in size which further removes any connection to Lickitung. And, of course, Lickilicky has a cowlick because that's what makes all evolutions awesome. Frankly, Lickilicky looks more like a child's drawing - a cross between Snorlax and Lickitung than a genuine addition to the Pokedex. It may be safe to assume that Lickitung owners halted their evolution due in large part to the next tier's sheer ugliness and lack of originality.

3. Hydreigon
Generally each Pokémon generation introduces a new Dragon-type or Dark-type that catches the player's interest. Sadly, Hydreigon, the Dark/Dragon-Type Pokémon broke the mold.

What drags this Pokémon down are two physical features. The first is its clothe-like appearance. This makes its six wings, manes, feet, and tail look like torn strips of fabric which makes him appear more flimsy and vulnerable than dangerous. The last feature that hurts his appearance are the two heads at the end of his arms.

Though an interesting idea, the lack of teeth on the smaller, younger heads only assist in making Hydreigon look less intimidating. While Hydreigon is not the only goofy Pokémon in the series, the fact that his appearance does not live up to either Dark or Dragon-Type Pokémon expectations makes him a sore thumb in the Pokedex.

2. Dunsparce
Typically if you have a dumb looking Pokémon, you can count on his evolution to be an improvement. However, Dunsparce's lack of evolution makes him one of the dumbest Pokémon to date. Although he's a Normal-Type, he has the features of a larva with underdeveloped wings and a stinger. Naturally, one would expect that he would evolve into a Bug-Type along the lines of Beedrill.

Sadly, Dunsparce remains as a gross and drowsy looking larva with a bad blue and yellow color scheme. It's unfortunate, but Dunsparce's lack of an evolution pretty much removes his chance at redemption. Hopefully future games will grant him an evolution, but after three generations of Pokémon, it seems unlikely.

1. Watchog
This is the only Pokémon known to man that hurts to look at. Evolving from the equaling ugly Patrat, Watchdog has the appearance of a lanky meerkat with a case of rabies. Rabid eyes aside, this Pokémon has a serious attitude problem. When looking at Watchog, you may be reminded of a rebellious child who didn't get his way.

As he stares you down with his arms crossed, you can't help but wonder if he was picked on as a child resulting in his horrible demeanour. Watchog deserves not only the number one spot of dumb looking Pokémon, but also the top of my "I Hate You List." Dear Lord, those ugly eyes.

Now that we have the dummies out of the way, let us move onward to Pokémon that break the awesome meter and make us proud to play a series made for children.

Coolest Pokémon

5. Reuniclus
Inspired by mitosis, the process of cellular division, Reuniclus is a Psychic-Type Pokémon that is both creative and adorable. Encased in a cell-like membrane, shaped like a legless body with elongated arms, Reuniclus resembles a child still in the womb. Inside the membrane, the ears and elongated "arms" are made up of separate, floating segments that are likely controlled by the main body via psychic powers.

The main body inside the membrane has tiny arms and legs along with a head that looks as if it's about to go through cellular division itself. If anything, Reuniclus is a prime example that there is still plenty of originality and creativity flowing within the Pokémon franchise. It probably also helps that this Pokémon is flat out adorable.

4. Sandslash
The evolved form of the cute Sandshrew, Sandslash is a Pokémon ready for battle. Ditching his scaly texture, Sandslash is covered in large, thick quills used for both defense and offence. He also boasts very long claws for battle over his pre-evolution's small nails. Another notable feature of Sandslash is his change in expression.

All the cuteness and vulnerability of his former self is replaced with a confident, battle ready attitude. While there is nothing necessarily complicated about his design, everything about Sandslash from his features to the look in his eyes makes for a fierce Pokémon.

3. Eevee
The adorableness of Eevee is not why it has its place in our Top Five Coolest Pokémon, but rather its potential. Starting with Pokémon X and Y, Eevee will be able to evolve into one of eight Pokémon, each a different Type. Perhaps the toughest decision in the each game is not deciding which starter Pokémon you want, but which "Eeveelution" to choose.

Will you choose the aquatic Vaporeon, the spikey Jolteon, the dark Umbreon, or perhaps the lovely Sylveon? While some Pokémon games allow players an unlimited number of Eevees, the decision can still be a difficult one. Eevee's multi-evolution will always be a highlight of the Pokémon franchise players will enjoy experiencing time and again.

2. Groudon
Imagine if Godzilla was covered in blood-red armor, spikes, and could summon a drought. That's perhaps the best description of Pokémon Ruby's flagship Pokémon, Groudon. Believed to have the ability to shape the land, this giant is one of the coolest, as well as fiercest, Pokémon to date.

Groudon also represents a time when Pokémon began exhibiting some of the darkest and more intimidating designs of the series, a trend that has rarely been reproduced since. With his red, segmented armor, multi-bladed tail, large spikes, and a piercing gaze that would make Team Rocket poop their pants, Groudon is a powerhouse of pure awesome who lives up to the reputation of Legendary Pokémon.

1. Mewtwo
What is it about Mewtwo that makes him so awesome and well received? Is it his humanoid appearance, his Psychic abilities, the fact that he's the first cloned Pokémon, his appearances in the Smash Bros. series, or that he always seems to point angrily at the player? The answer to all of these questions is "Yes and so much more."

Mewtwo is one of the most recognizable Pokémon next to Pikachu and one of the most popular Legendary Pokémon of the entire franchise. Of course, the movies starring Mewtwo certainly helped his reputation as well as the reveal of his Awakened Form in Pokémon X and Y. Starting off as a monster of science who merely wanted to fight, Mewtwo went through several changes that made him into a protective and compassionate Pokémon.

In some ways, Mewtwo is almost as human as he is Pokémon. While these changes may only be relevant in the anime, it's part of the reason why he has continued to have such a strong following. Mewtwo will always be the coolest Pokémon in the series not only for his appearance, but also for his adoration and humanity.

There are so many Pokémon that have graced our Pokedex since Generation I, both cool and dumb, it's hard to believe that there used to be only 151 of them. While there will always be debates and disagreements as to which ones are great and not-so-much, one thing is for certain: Pokémon will continue to be loved by both today's youth and long time veterans.

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