Top Ten Most Wanted Super Smash Bros Characters

By Jared Scott on September 2, 2013, 4:16PM EDT
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During E3 Nintendo made the well-received announcement of Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and 3DS. However, fans are now left to speculate just which characters will return or be newly introduced in the fighting franchise.

So with that in mind, please hereafter find our top ten list of characters that we want to see in the new Super Smash Bros.

Reggie Fils-Aime
In case you are unaware, there has recently been a high demand amongst fans, even creating a petition, to bring the famous Reggie Fils-Aime to Super Smash Bros. Making a life-like appearance, Fils-Aime would be the first real life character to enter the roster.

So what abilities would Nintendo of America's president bring to the table? Reggie would bring the pain with the Power Glove using chargeable punches; his Wii Remote for grappling attacks self-explanatory shenanigans with the Nunchucks. His Wii U gamepad could either reflect projectiles and summon the power of the Miiverse. For long-range attacks, the Wii Zapper would be an excellent console accessory.

His Final Smash would be unleashed with a battle cry, "MY BODY IS READYYY!!!" As he shouts, the arena fills with a multitude of random explosions that leave enemies decimated.

While Lucario was a good fighter in Smash Bros. Brawl, it's time for Mewtwo to return to the roster - his return in Pokémon X and Y making him more relevant.

For the most part, Mewtwo's moves would remain unchanged from previous installments. He would still use the usual moveset with various tweaks and refinements to be expected. However, his Final Smash would be the key element that makes him different than before.

Although much of his Awakened Form has yet to be revealed, his Mega Evolution from Pokémon X and Y, would make for an appropriate Final Smash.

Since it is a trend to have playable characters from the Fire Emblem franchise, Chrom teamed with MyUnit not only makes sense for the roster, but also highlights what made Fire Emblem: Awakening such a great game.

Awakening focused heavily on pairing units together to strengthen their power. In SSB, these two heroes would exhibit just how powerful this teamwork would be. Most, if not all, attacks from the pair would be team attacks: as Chrom blocks a direct attack with his sword, MyUnit would immediately counter with powerful magic. For power jumps, MyUnit would grab onto Chrom's tunic and shoot wind magic sending them upwards. Taking a page from Star Fox, MyUnit could also grab onto Chrom and propel themselves forward with flame magic as Chrom pierces all. Basic moves would be more along the lines of both characters swinging their swords in unison. Since Chrom also use lances, he could toss one as MyUnit sends magic in the same direction for a long range combo.

The Final Smash would be total fan service, of course. With the marking on Chrom's shoulder, his sword Falchion, and MyUnit's hands glowing, the duo would unleash a devastating assault of epic proportions.

Skull Kid
Coming from the more disturbing mythos of The Legend of Zelda franchise, Skull Kid would genuinely shake things up in Super Smash Bros. with another great "antagonist" added to the roster.

Primarily using his flute, Skull Kid could use attacks such as shooting poison darts and playing Saria's song. Though the song did not have this effect in the games, it could be used to put the player to sleep. Skull Kid could also just thrash players with the flute in congruence to his dark, mischievous side. The two fairies, Tael and Talt, would make a great projectile attack thrown one at a time each with a different effect such as paralysis or damage. Skull Kid's high jump would be similar to how he teleports with a gust of swirling leaves.

For his Final Smash, Skull Kid would activate Majora's Mask. Once he did so, Skull Kid would simply stare up into the sky watching the wicked, smiling moon he summoned crash onto the field sending players flying off screen.

Young Link
We can't really have Skull Kid enter the ring without a properly equipped Link to fight him, now can we? Using the various masks he acquired, Young Link could remind the fans why Majora's Mask is remembered fondly while making himself unique from Adult Link.

Using the Goron Mask, Young Link would quickly change into a young Goron to roll into players; the Blast Mask would create small, but powerful explosions and, just like in Majora's Mask, damage the player at the same time. Some other masks would include Garo's Mask to summon a ninja attack, Couples' Mask to cause sleep, Deku Mask to fire seeds, and even Kamro's Mask to dance as a taunt.

For his Final Smash, Young Link would put on the powerful Fierce Deity Mask to transform into Fierce Deity Link. Wielding the dual handed, double helix sword, he would be able to cast sword beams that traverse from one side of the arena to the other with each swing. However, he would be unable to use items as the sword requires both hands, bringing both gameplay balance and continuity.

After seeing the trainer from Wii Fit join the fight, it wouldn't be unexpected to see the classic Mii appear either.

Taking the appearance of the player's Mii on the Wii U or 3DS, the Mii's moves would slightly differentiate from the two consoles, but still retain many similarities. For instance, both Miis would use primarily use boxing gloved normals in nod to Wii Sports. As far as high jumps go, both would also use the hang glider that would also grant float mechanics.

The 3DS Miis would use items from the Mii Plaza such as swords and even picture squares. The Wii U's counterpart would use drawings from the Miiverse community to attack.

The Final Smash of both Miis would be a summon of the other Miis that the player has encountered or befriended. As the army of Miis are summoned, the player would lead the charge as they all rush the opponents, swords in hand, from one side of the arena to the other.

By including the Marth and Lucina combo, Super Smash Bros. would honor both the tradition of including two Fire Emblem characters while retaining Marth.

Mild spoiler alert, but "Marth" in Fire Emblem: Awakening is actually Lucina, the daughter of Chrom, in disguise. Starting the battle and wearing her mask as "Marth", Lucina's attacks would closely resemble those of the classic Marth, but with finesse and slightly less damage.

Once she unleashes her Final Smash (likely a powerful sword strike), Lucina's mask would break and her hair would fall down. With her identity revealed, her attacks change to match that of her father. However, since she does not have MyUnit to assist her, her attacks would have less restriction.

Lucina would not only modernize the roster of Super Smash Bros, but provide a twist to a cameo by Marth.

Known for his hilarious use of wordplay, Fawful would be the most colorful addition to SSB"˜s roster.

Hovering with his rocket propelled helmet, Fawful's craftiness would be integrated into his fighting style. Using his helmet for heavy attacks (a headbutt wouldn't be out of the question), Fawful could also suck up items and enemies, and release projectiles. His more basic move set would involve swinging himself into enemies via rocket propulsion. As far as high jumps go, the ignited afterburners would propel him skyward.

With his battle cry "I HAVE FURY," Fawful would unleash his Final Smash by using the Dark Star to become Dark Fawful - grabbing enemies who would then be made into makeshift projectiles.

Tom Nook
Often perceived as a villain, Tom Nook of Animal Crossing would be both an interesting and hilarious addition to SSB as an antagonist.

Since he is often accused of "taking your money," he could literally take your money. Similarly to how Mario jump-attacks, when Tom Nook damages you he takes "Bells" off of you which are then used as a weapon. Tom Nook could swing a large sack of the money that would increases in size and damage depending on how long the player holds the button and total Bells collected. Of course, Tom could lose the Bells himself if he takes enough damage. Other attacks of Nook's would be Animal Crossing related: New Leaf from mail boxes, a picket fence, and even throwing his nephews, Timmy and Tommy, who'd latch on to opponents Pikmin style.

With his Final Smash, Tom Nook would send Timmy and Tommy to latch onto foes once again as he summons a full sized house. The house would fall according to where the nephews are, leaving the player both bankrupt and short one life.

From the highly praised Golden Sun series, Isaac the Adept put enemies to shame with his sword and the mystical Psynergy.

While Psynergy has been used for elemental magic, its primary use would be to form large hands. Just as in Golden Sun, these hands would push, crush, and grab opponents similar in fashion to Master Hand and Crazy Hand.

In conjunction with Djinn, Isaac would have powerful, flashy sword moves as well. But just as in the game, each Djinn would have a recharge period thus incorporating damage scaling.

Isaac's Final Smash would materialize a large Psynergy hand that would grasp the opponent in front of him. The Djinn would bring forth the Judgment Summon - firing a screen filled explosive blast that robs all hopes and dreams.

What are your thoughts on possible characters for Super Smash Bros on the Wii U and 3DS? Were there any surprises or did we miss your most wanted addition. Let us know of any new characters or character refinements you'd like to see in the comments below.</em

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