Why The PS Vita Is Growing From Strength To Strength

By Andrew McDanell on June 19, 2013, 3:54PM EDT

Sony made quite a statement at this year's E3 Press Conference. Driving home their ideals for their next-gen console the PlayStation 4, as well as solidifying the future of the PlayStation 3. However one aspect was left rather disappointing for fans of the PlayStation brand, Vita coverage.

During the press conference, Sony only revealed 2 new games for the Vita console. Even more disappointing was that they were 2 ports of old titles. Outside from that, they only gave 5 already announced titles any screen time. It's understandable that they wanted plenty of time to focus on the PlayStation 4, but why not give a sizzle reel or throw up a wall of logos? Without any signs, Vita adopters are left fearing the future of the console.

Digging deeper, we find a different story. There was actually quite a bit to be excited about at this year's E3. On the show floor was a vastly different picture for the Vita. Third Party and indies alike were ready to talk about their offerings. While all of the titles were not playable, and a few were only announced, it's enough to be excited for.

Japan Studio from Sony Computer Entertainment is currently working on more and more support for their system. Freedom Wars is going to be a Action RPG hunting style game that will feature a world where people have to work off 1 million years of prison time from birth. Shuhei Yoshida revealed that they were also working on a traditional JRPG called Oreshika that would feature an old Japanese art stylized game with deep character customization. Additionally, we also have a free to play title called Destiny of Spirits which features turn based board battles with collectible minions.

Guerrilla Games is looking to break the trend of outsourced FPS titles on the Vita, and instead create a solid in-house title that will set standards for future portable FPS titles. With Killzone: Mercenaries, we see a game that can set trends and be a standalone twin stick shooter that people will want to get a Vita for. The first impressions are good, and if the final product holds up, I hope we can see more games in the future from Guerrilla Games.

Square Enix is making their mark by bringing over a HD remastering of the popular Final Fantasy X saga. Both X and X-2. The characters are being re-rendered in new clarity and the game itself just looks great in HD. Same is happening with Vanillaware's Muramasa, which is being remastered beautifully for the Vita as Muramasa Rebirth.

Vita seems to be becoming quite the place for third person action RPGs and monster slaying titles. After great titles like Ragnarok Odyssey and Soul Sacrifice, it seems like Sony is getting a fair share of replacements for the now Nintendo based Monster Hunter. Moving on from those two titles, we are soon to see Toukiden and a newly updated Ragnarok Odyssey Ace. Putting those alongside Freedom Wars, and there's no shortage of action here.

Titles that have seen success elsewhere and are downright classics are being ported and remastered for Vita. Jak and Daxter HD, Dead Nation, The Walking Dead Season 1, Atelier Meruru Plus, Malicious Rebirth, Flower, and God of War 1 and 2 HD all will be seeing a move. While some of you out there may have already played some of these titles, you'll be happy to know that many are seeing improvements and new features. Coupling that with the amazing OLED screen, there's plenty of reason to revisit these titles.

Another great move we're seeing for the Vita console is a slew of cross platform games that are seeing Vita as a good home for their titles. Lego Marvel Super Heroes, Rayman Legends, The Walking Dead: 400 Days, Dragon's Crown, Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate, Castle of Illusions, and Invizimals are all being represented on Vita. Once again with that OLED screen, why would you play them anywhere else?

You can't count out the Indies either. Sony has taken quite the efforts to opening up Vita to the indie developers. In this move, we are seeing many great titles being developed or moved to the platform. Counterspy, Sealth Inc, Doki Doki Universe, Lone Survivor, Hohokum, Runner2, Forgotten Memories, Floating Cloud God, Farming Simulator 2013, Luftrausers, and 1001 Spikes were all titles being boasted at E3 this year.

Wrapping up the list of titles featured at E3 2013 are a few titles that are in no way lesser than what has already been pointed out. Ys: Memories of Celeca from Xseed Games revisits the world of IV with new fast pace hack n' slash action. Valhalla Knights 3 which is also being published by Xseed Games has you creating a customizable 7 party team of varied classes to take on foes or other player teams in combat. Finally KickBeat from Zen Studios is a combat based rhythm game that has you fighting against rooms of thugs at the beat of music.

Aside from all of these titles, Jack Tretton (President of SCEA) stated that the PlayStation Vita console would see 85 new games by the end of 2013. He also mentioned that with PlayStation 4 remote play, Vita would have access to 650 games in its current library. Earlier this year, it was reported that Sony is having all games developed on PS4 to support remote play on the Vita.

Aside from initial fears, things are still looking bright for the PlayStation Vita. If you're an owner, did E3's offerings excite you? Or are you uneasy about the silence from Sony?

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