Xbox One Countdown: The Future Exclusives

By Andrew McDanell on November 17, 2013, 5:46PM EDT

After the huge launch line-up hits for the Xbox One (as discussed here), the next question is of course, what is in store for the console's future?

For the purpose of this article, we are going to ignore titles which will be available across the board and instead focus on titles that you will only experience with the Xbox One.

Let's just say that the future is already looking bright at the moment, with more titles sure to be announced next year.

Fable Legends
Lionhead Studios is back with another installment of their Fable franchise, this time taking a new direction with what seems to be a dungeon keeper style game. Play solo with 3 AI partners, or go online with friends as you hack and cast your way through peril. The interesting element added here is that a player can play as the villain, a dungeon keeper so to speak, acting in real time to create obstacles for their unsuspecting heroes.

Keeping to tradition, Fable Legends still gives the player choice by allowing you to customize your class, appearance, and abilities while at the same time earn experience and equipment. The classes range from tricksters to anything like defenders, archers, and casters. While no date is set, this looks to be a game that fans of Fable may want to keep their eye on.

D4, or Dark Dreams Don't Die, is an episodic crime mystery title with a lot of twists to its design. First off, it's completely controlled with motion using Kinect as movement of the player is done by gestures and swipes. The player can also respond to questions and statements by voice commands or by simply gesturing over possible responses. All put together using an interesting comic-style visual design to its graphics.

It all comes together to form a great mix, because D4 has a very silly charm to it. You play as an animated detective that's able to travel through time using items called momentoes. As your travel through areas and time periods, you collect these momentoes and try to piece together the murder of your wife. Hoping to prevent it before it happens. Oh, it's also from the mind behind Deadly Premonition.

Kinect Sports Rivals
Following in the footsteps of the original Kinect Sports title, Rivals looks to take the experience to the next level. After transferring your likeness into the game using Kinect's HD camera, you'll be taking on challenges to compete against rival teams.

To test your spirit, Rivals features many challenges including wake race, cliff climbing, target shooting, soccer, tennis, and bowling. Plenty to match your enjoyment.

Max: The Curse Of Brotherhood
Curse of Brotherhood serves as a reimagining of Press Play's previous work, Max and the Magic Marker, taking the best ideas and applying them to a whole new platform and tools. You play as Max who is trying desperately to save his brother after accidently sending him packing to a cursed alternate world.

Equipped only with Max's trusty marker, you will dodge obstacles on the way to saving his brother. The marker serves as a tool to alter the environment. Draw out vines to swing along or draw a platform from the ground. Anything to get to your destination.

Quantum Break
From the people that brought us Alan Wake, Quantum Break looks to bring the world of storytelling to gamers in a whole new way. The game itself plays alongside a live action television series that will not interfere with each other, but rather accent each other. Actions taken in the game will influence the show, and the show will enhance the experience of the game. Remedy has already stated that the show is not required to be viewed, but says that it can be watched at any time.

The gameplay features a story driven narrative that also incorporates third person shooting and cover fire mechanics. One could liken it to Alan Wake in that respect. However setting it apart from the competition is a very well designed visuals. Any other details are yet to be revealed.

Sunset Overdrive
After a catastrophic event, the world is left in chaos. Streets are filled with mutants and it's your job to clean the mess. To handle this, you're equipped with a crazy set of arsenal and the ability to traverse the open-world city with ease. Don't count yourself alone however, as you also have the aid of friends via online co-op. Further details are yet to be released, but this is the latest creation from the minds at Insomniac Games.

Team against team, first person shooter action, parkour, jet packs, and mecha suits. Does this have your attention yet? Titanfall seeks to take the spotlight in the FPS genre with an amazing new online shooter. While it features no single player campaign, Titanfall looks to excel as an online competitive shooter franchise.

Leap from building to building, pilot a mecha suit to squash your opponent, tear an enemy from the guts of a mecha; all while fighting to become number one in the field. While Titanfall will also be available on Windows PCs, when it comes to consoles you will only find it on Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Titanfall will release on March 11th in North America and March 13th in Europe.

While information on this next-gen Halo title is very scarce, it doesn't keep it from being a hugely deciding factor on the console choice front. The teaser we caught at this year's E3 showed Master Chief scaling sandy dunes before being confronted by a huge dragon shaped ship or robot. Most have speculated due to the data chip he's carrying that this is a sequel to Halo 4, but further details are still yet to be released.

That wraps up the big exclusive titles still ahead for Xbox One, and there is much more yet to be announced. Some titles may be higher on the totem pole, but there's no doubt something for everyone to enjoy. If a certain title has your attention, feel free to let us know in the comments below. Don't forget to stick around daily as we continue our countdown to Xbox One's release.

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