Xbox One Countdown: Top 5 Obvious Reasons To Buy An Xbox One

By Adam Ma on November 19, 2013, 3:41PM EDT

So at this point you're either a North American who has successfully held off from buying a PS4 or you're a European who was never interested. Maybe it's because you want to take a considered approach to the next generation, but maybe it's because there's another console around the corner that's caught your eye.

While the titles available may be limited right now,the Xbox One has plenty to offer, and whether or not you plan on supporting the system from day one or are preparing to make a purchase down the line here are some great reasons to justify your next gen investment.

All-In-One Household Entertainment
No pun intended, of course. Microsoft has been pushing harder than ever to work the Xbox not only into the lives of gamers, but into the lives of those who enjoy general entertainment as well.

Movies, television, and the occasional extended Skype call will all be supported through Xbox One via its convenient menu, and though it's not a feature that will turn the heads of dedicated JRPG fans, it is a remarkably useful feature for anyone who actually invests time in movies or television events.

It's also easy to forget that one of the reason's the Xbox One is so large is due to the fact that it can handle HDMI input for additional consoles.

While Sony's focus has shifted to on action platformers, Microsoft has kept a very strong grasp on the shooter market, and this upcoming year doesn't look as though things are going to change. Halo is obviously a huge exclusive, and Titanfall joins the list of anticipated multiplayer games early into next year.

Existing franchises such as Fable, Dead Rising, and Forza join newcomers like Sunset Overdrive, Ryse and the reimagined Killer Instinct; an impressive array of next-gen titles set to launch between now and early 2014.

Early Access DLC
Being able to play first makes a big difference for some and Microsoft has done a great job in ensuring its titles often get unique, exclusive, or early access to in-game content more often than not. Call of Duty is perhaps the biggest offender, generally releasing map packs months ahead of other consoles but that treatment is soon to extent to other games as well. Battlefield 4 owners will get immediate access to the Second Assault DLC, and considering the value placed on being able to enjoy content "˜first' I wouldn't be too surprised to see further treatment coming down the line for other games.

Motion controls often get scoffed at, but Kinect is far more than just a motion sensor, and the little tool has seen some pretty incredible applications to both medical studies and robotics integration. It's also used for dance games.

All joking aside, Kinect is an entirely optional feature that can make using the console easier in a lot of ways, and though the games that have come out for it vary greatly in creativity as a bonus feature (or accessory) to most games, Kinect is an investment that can really shine.

Five Minute Rolling DVR
Quite possibly the coolest feature running within the Xbox One is the auto DVR that records the past five minutes of gamplay and lets you share it with the world if something particularly cool happens.

The consoles boasts a lot of features designed around mass social interaction (such as Challenges) but most pale in comparison to sharing your best moments in game with friends, and the DVR will likely see about as much use as Twitch does in the "˜show my friends awesome stuff' department.

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