Akiba's Trip PS4 is Easily the Definitive Version

By Andrew McDanell on December 7, 2014, 7:29PM EDT

Akiba's Trip caused quite a stir when it launched back in August. Throwing players into a faithfully recreated Akihabara to fight off equally faithful vampire-like creatures called Synthisters. Armed with only your otaku wits and a taste for shredding cloths, you fight your enemies the only way you know how. Not with garlic and stakes, but stripping!

XSEED Games felt we didn't get enough of it, and opted to bring the western audience the definitive edition of Akiba's Trip for the PS4. Shredding away all the faults found in the PS3 and PS Vita versions, while also providing some much welcome additions that newcomers and fans alike will enjoy!

If you're new to Akiba's Trip, it follows a customizable protagonist named Nanashi who wakes up on a table, strapped down. Turns out that an ad for a job that pays this anime-obsessed boy in figurines, was actually a ruse to lure in unsuspecting "lowlifes" into an experiment to create the vampire-like soldiers called Synthisters.

After being saved by a girl named Shizuku, Nanashi forms a pact with her in order to save his life. Thus starts his adventure to save his beloved Akiba from the rise of the Synthisters. While it seems dreadful, Nanashi never loses face and openly welcomes his immortality for the sake of consuming anime until the end of time.

Venturing out into the Japanese district Akihabara was no easy task when it came to the PS3 and PS Vita versions of Akiba's Trip. While the PS4 version retains its very segmented areas that are connected by loading screens, the increased power of the next-gen console reduces the time it takes by a considerable amount. Loading on PS3 and PS Vita ranged from 5-10 seconds while the PS4 has you continuing your chaotic adventure after mere 2-3 second pause.

Loading screens aside, there is also a considerable improvement in visuals and framerate sustainability. Running at a native 1080p with improved character models and a new lighting engine doesn't hinder its ability to retain a solid framerate. Even on top of that, the streets are filled to the brim to give an even more true Akihabara experience for better or for worse.

While the addition of a more populated street does improve the immersion, it can also lead to some very chaotic fights. At times, confronting a single enemy for a quest can turn into a fight against 20 or more Synthisters that activate because they were passing by. However it's nothing that a simple fleeing can't avoid, it still makes simple tasks a bit more hectic.

The improvements to the crowds doesn't end there as the PS4's power also improves the rate in which the citizens spawn. Gone are the days of running around looking for a target through crowds of unphased character markers, only to discover you have ran passed them several times. If you've played Akiba's Trip before, you know exactly the frustration I speak of!

Taking a step back from the innards of the game, Akiba's Trip on the PS4 also has new features added to it. From the title screen, players can immediately jump into a mode called "Toybox Mode." This mode is for those seeking to jump right in and have fun as all weapons, clothing, accessories, and other customizable features are unlocked from the beginning. However it's important to note that trophies are locked during this mode --- so trophies seekers beware.

Additionally, while in any game mode, a new Visual Editor is available for tweaking the game's visuals. Increase motion blur, change the color of objects, or add filters; there's an option for pretty much anything. Once you're done making yourself sick, you can then jump into live streaming via the PS4's streaming so that your friends can watch you play and even affect the game by simple chat commands that call the cops, turn the locals on you, or even rain down underwear.

As mentioned before, Akiba's Trip for the PS4 has definitely turned out to be the definitive version of this crazy title. Coming included with all of the DLC from the previous version and all of its improvements makes a great place to start or return. Just be aware that if you're returning to the game from previous versions it doesn't support cross-save functionality. So you're looking at a fresh start!

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