E3 2014 Highlights: Electronic Arts Conference

By Mike Sousa on June 14, 2014, 10:50AM EDT

Following Microsoft's amazing conference, it was time for the second conference to start, a conference featuring EA. During the event, lots of long awaited games were shown and details details about upcoming games were revealed, so make sure to check everything below.

To start off the event, to first title to appear on stage was Star Wars: Battlefront. After being revealed last year, we finally go to take a peak at the title's gameplay, but no further details were revealed. Even though it was present on Microsoft's conference, EA didn't hesite to reveal a new Dragon Age: Inquisition gameplay trailer, which featured players fightning against a fearsome dragon.

One of the most awaited EA titles made an appearance at the conference, unfortunately, details regarding the title remain very scarce. This title is none other than Mass Effect 4. Only details revealed were that the game will take place in a new region of the universe and it will feature new characters. After this, Bioware revealed that it's working on a brand new IP under Casey Hudson, but no details regarding the title were revealed.

Now focusing on sports, several titles were shown at the event. The first title to take the stage was EA Sports UFC, where we got to see a fight between Bruce Lee and BJ Penn. After this it was time for NHL 15, with EA revealing that the title will be released this September in both North America and Europe.

Just like every year, the next entry in the FIFA and Madden series took the stage. Regarding FIFA 15, a release date was revealed, and in addition, EA took the oportunity to reveal more details about the next-gen verions of the title. As for Madden NFL 15, the title will include some new features and gameplay tweaks, including blocking and tackling.

The last sports title to be announced was EA Sports PGA Tour. The title will feature no load screens between holes and gameplay additions to deliver a more enjoyable and challenging experience. EA Sports PGA Tour will be available in Spring 2015.

Another of the most awaited titles to be shown at this event was Mirror's Edge. EA DICE has officially announced Mirror's Edge 2. Several videos were shown at the event, with EA DICE promising that the title will will be made accessible for new players.

Another title that finally saw its release date revealed was The Sims 4. The life simulator will be available worldwide on the 2nd of September. Criterion Games, Burnout's developer, announced that is developing a extreme vehicle racer title. Unfortunately, aside from the trailer, details were scarce.

The last game to take the stage was the next entry in the Battlefield series, Battlefield Hardline. In addition to several details regarding the game's multiplayer, it was revealed that the title will launch this October. Sony took the stage right at the end to announce that the Battlefield Hardline Beta is now available on PS4 and PC.

If you want to see the whole conference, you can check the video below. What is your opinion on Electronic Arts' conference? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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