Examining Ground Zeroes Exclusive Missions

By Spencer Pressly on March 16, 2014, 12:45AM EDT

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes will feature an exclusive mission on both the PlayStation and Xbox versions of the game. PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 owners of Ground Zeroes will be getting the Déjà Vu mission. While Xbox 360 and Xbox One players will get the Jamais Vu mission. Besides a short trailer for both, each is less than two minutes long and doesn't tell you much about either mission. This will be taking an in depth look at each mission highlight all the details we know so far without diving into any spoilers of course.

We will start with the Déjà Vu mission since that was the first one to be announced. The mission will have Big Boss reenacting various scenes from Metal Gear Solid. Along with that many models are replaced with graphics from Metal Gear Solid just to add to the nostalgia factor even more. Big Boss now looks like PS1 era Solid Snake, guards look like genome soldiers,a certain Hind D makes a comeback, and many familiar faces are going to make a comeback. The funny part about all of is Big Boss is extremely confused why he is told to relive these moments long time fans of the series would remember while he has yet even be alive when all of this would take place.

In the trailer you can see the DARPA chief and Psycho Mantis, their roles in this mission are unclear. With all of the hints that a younger version of Psycho mantis is going to make an appearance in The Phantom Pain it will be interesting if Big Boss has anything special to say him. Don't expect much more than a reference since both exclusive missions are non-canonical to the main story of Metal Gear Solid V.

Gameplay is going to be more on stealth than action as in the whole trailer you don't seem Big Boss even hold a gun. Also in the video or screen shots you may have noticed that Camp Omega (the setting of Ground Zeroes) has Fox Hound flags hanging in an attempt to make it seem more like Shadow Moses. Now the big question on everyone's mind is will this be the mission to find a cardboard box since Ground Zeroes doesn't feature any in it's main mission or side ops.

On the other spectrum of things is the Jamais Vu mission. This will actually put the player in the cyborg shoes of Raiden from Metal Gear Rising. A mysterious group of body snatchers has taken over Camp Omega and any attempts to liberate the base wouldn't work since any normal mans body would be taken over. That is where Raiden comes in, he was sent back in time from the future to help Big Boss out on this mission. All he asks for payment of this mission is XOF badges found on Raiden's favorite fruit to destroy the watermelon.

While Déjà Vu is a much more stealthy mission, Jamais Vu is all about the action. Raiden will be able to run at super human speeds, take down waves of snatchers, and even high end military helicopters. For fans of Metal Gear Rising this mission seems like it would be up anyone alley as long as you an action fan.

Also in case you didn't know the body snatchers are a direct call back to one of Hideo Kojima's earliest games after Metal Gear called Snatcher. You will have to tag each enemy to find out if they are under control of the snatchers and any soldiers who are not under control should be put down as well. Hopefully we get a fitting piece of music to go with this mission or even better just make Rules of Nature loop until you have liberated the base and finished the mission.

While both missions are very different it still is never fun to know that you are mission out on a mission because you didn't wanna buy two versions of the same game. There are still going to be plenty of people who see the $29.99/$19.99 price tag as a cheap enough reason to buy both versions to get the complete experience. These missions are not just DLC after all and apart of each disc for Ground Zeroes.

Definatly let us know which version of the game you are getting in the comments below and why. Also there will be a gallery of high quality screen shots from each mission that you might not have seen before. Be sure to come back to Gaming Union everyday leading up to the release of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes with a new feature talking about the series.

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