JRPG Gamer's Guide: April 2014 Edition

By Andrew McDanell on April 2, 2014, 4:49PM EDT

While the western world of gaming seems to be taking a small break during the month of April, JRPG gamers can find solace in knowing that there are still some solid titles lined up for them.

In this edition of the JRPG Gamer's Guide we take a look at two new iterations of continuing titles as well as two slightly bizarre titles that could only be created from the minds of Japanese writers.

Ragnarok Odyssey ACE
This hack n' slash Action RPG was once seen as a contender for the throne that Monster Hunter holds as a giant slaying adventure. While many may believe that it failed, others see that it's vibrant and colorful take holds much more enjoyment. For those fans, ACE is a return to this title in a whole new revamped version featuring all the previous content and DLC but with added elements and improvements.

Players can enjoy new enemies, skills, dungeons, HUD, gameplay balances, and even a whole new extra episode. To add to that, this titles can also be played on either the PS3 or the PS Vita. Giving it a much broader audience, and thanks to the cross-platform multiplayer, more players to match up with. ACE released yesterday in North America, and while Europe has no set date, it is due to arrive in Q2 of 2014.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
While the reborn realms of Final Fantasy XIV are already alive and full of adventurers, owners of the next-gen console PlayStation 4 can soon log in to explore its offerings. Featuring comparable graphic capabilities as its PC counterpart, the PS4 version will be available on April 14th to both North America and Europe. It's important to note that while FFXIV does require a subscription to play, the PS4 does not require a PlayStation Plus membership to access this online game.

Join with your friends and the rest of the millions of other subscribers to topple the threats that face the new world of Eorzea. Play as one of the 8 unique classes, 9 jobs, or 10 crafting professions as you stake your claim in the growing world.

Conception 2: Children of the Seven Stars
The world of Aterra is facing a dire situation with the Pandora Labyrinth giving life to countless monsters that threaten the existence of mankind. Thankfully the worshipped Star God has bestowed a great potential to chosen Disciples in order to meet this threat. These Disciples gather at the frontline Fort City school where they give life to Star Children to do battle against this threat.

To create these Star Children, two Disciples use fusing magic and hold hands to bring them forth. After doing so, the player is able to choose from a list of possible fighters to create that can range across 16 different classes and potentials. While the process is a bit tamer than the name suggests, it doesn't prevent the game from being a bit risqué.

Prepare to create saviours of this universe when it hits shelves on April 15th in North America for the PS Vita. Europe will be getting a digital release however no solid date has been given. A demo is already available on the PSN and grants bonuses when transferred to the full version.

Demon Gaze
Take control of the one who possesses the ability to control defeated demons in this first person turn-based dungeon crawler from Kadokawa Games. Players control a man gifted with an Evil Eye called Demon Gaze and are tasked with building a party of Fighters, Healers, Wizards, Assassins, Paladins, Rangers, and Samurai spanning across 5 different races.

Demon Gaze takes place in the cursed land of Misrid where treasures lie deep within labyrinths. Becoming a hunter you explore these labyrinths, build powerful allies, capture strong demons, and unlock the truth behind your lost memories.

Demon Gaze hits store shelves on April 22nd in North America and April 25th in Europe in both digital and retail versions for the PSVita. A special Limited Edition is also available for pre-order.

That's all the releases for April for our JRPG fans. Be sure to check back each month as we explore the releases to come. If you have your sights set on a title listed here, be sure to leave us a comment below. If you're unsure about a title then make sure to read our reviews as they become available.

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