JRPG Gamer's Guide February 2014 Edition

By Andrew McDanell on January 29, 2014, 3:52PM EDT
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Depending on your tastes in JRPGs, 2013 was quite an amazing year. Hopefully we'll see just as many, if not more, fantastic titles hitting our consoles in 2014.

Sadly December and January were lacking a bit on the release side, but thankfully February is looking up! So without further delay, let's see what is in store for us in the coming month, because we think you're going to be rather pleased!

Bravely Default
It's finally North America's turn to get their hands on Bravely Default. Due to hit stores on February 7th, this traditional JRPG features many of the classic elements JRPG fans have been begging to return to their Final Fantasy titles. For example, it features a turn based combat system with many twists including risk reward combo system and devastating attacks. There's also a large world to explore, an expansive job system, and plenty of customization to boot.

With nicely rendered character models and unique job outfits for each, your team will explore the expansive new world in beautifully hand drawn environments. With over 20 jobs, hundreds of abilities, unique gear and ability combinations; there's plenty to be tackled in this game.

Oh, and did we forget to mention the story is rather delightful? For a more extensive view, check out our review of the European release.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
It's that time, the return of Lightning and a saga that is due to come to an end. You play as Lightning, awakened by a being she calls god and as she's tasked with collecting lost souls. In essence, she's sort of a savior who's bringing souls to the new world before the old one is destroyed. Players will explore a decaying world, face new enemies, and run into old friends as well as foes.

New to this installment is a redesigned combat system where Lightning can freely move about the battlefield, as well as guard. She can be equipped with 3 customizable outfits called schemata that can each be used to their depletion before switching to another to let the former recharge. It makes for a strategic and fast paced experience. Expect Lightning to make her return to PS3 and Xbox360 on February 11th in North America as well as the 14th in Europe.

If you want to find out more, check out our recent preview.

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles HD
Back in 2003, Tales of Symphonia captured a new audience for the Tales franchise as well as earning its place in many people's hearts as a great JRPG. Originally released on the Gamecube, it also saw a release on the PS2 and in both instances, it brought players into the life of Lloyd Irving. He risked everything to break the binds of tradition to save his friend and it was a heart-warming tale.

The second installment of Tales of Symphonia was subtitled Dawn of the New World and this released on the Nintendo Wii. This time around we follow Emil Castagnier who seeks revenge on the one who murder his parents, Lloyd Irving. While at the same time he meets and travels with Marta Lualdi, who by some chance ends up bestowing upon Emil the power of the sleeping spirit of Ratatosk.

Both of these epic tales are now bound together in one HD package for the PS3. The first features 8 unique playable characters, while the second features an interesting pet building system "“ they both featuring similar combat mechanics, but with their own twists. Relive these classic tales in North America on February 25th, as well as in Europe on the 28th.

That concludes this installment of the JRPG Gamer's Guide for February 2014. If you have any titles you're most excited for, let us know in the comments. As always, be sure to check back monthly for another rundown on the JRPG releases in the coming months.

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