A Week In Final Fantasy XIV: Can't We Just Be Friends?

By Lauren Alessandra on November 7, 2015, 6:42PM EDT

This week was rather troublesome for Darryl and I as we both died during one of the main story quests. But not to worry, we did manage to complete our quest on our second attempts. But we'll get to that in a minute.

First on our list was the Leve "Going Green" in whch we needed to defeat some Leafbleed Roselings and Slugs who are infecting the gysahl fields.
Next on the list was "Leia's Legacy" which if you remember from last time, we had to level up a bit to take part in. It was a simple quest in the end with Darryl and I taking on some thieves

After returning the egg to its rightful owners, we took part in the "Sleep Tight" Fate where we had to fight some Magitek Bones and even got to meet another adventurer named Claire Ordilane who enjoyed our names.

Then it was on to the "Guard a Guardian" quest which was unfortunately very difficult for us both initially for different reasons. I was too busy focusing on the main boss in the first part of the fight and got my butt handed to me. Darryl focused on the main boss in the second part of the fight which saw him fail as well. Thankfully both we were able to learn from our mistakes and managed to complete our quests with flying colours.

To celebrate our victories we bought some earrings from a local moogle. You can't see them very well, but they're extremely cheap and extremely adorable so naturally we bought all of them.

We also met Kan-E-Senna this episode who is the leader of Gridania. You can see it in the video, but there was one bit during this scene that made us both chuckle. One of the guys says "Ooo, such a great honor" in such an odd way. Just watch it and enjoy.

After that we did some more fates and a load of Leves while also trying to complete some of our hunting log. It took us for ever to find poachers!

That's it this week! As always you can check out the video version of our Final Fantasy XIV feature below:

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