A Week In Final Fantasy XIV: Heading To Limsa Lominsa

By Darryl Kaye on November 21, 2015, 5:46PM EDT

Welcome to another week in Final Fantasy XIV, as we continue our journey to fame and fortune in the land of Eorzea!

This week offered some light relief for Lauren and I as we learnt some new dance moves (see YouTube video below), checked out some of the adorable minions on offer and got to engage in more of the story involving Yda and Papolymo.

First up, it was back to that devilish quest that taught me a harsh lesson before. Yes, Nezul Cattlan the Violator, I'm looking at you. This time around I was much better prepared and the mission was pretty straight-forward as a result. It's quite scary how much different a few levels does make in this game, but as I said before, it was very much lesson learnt when it comes to doing missions under-levelled.

One of the more interesting points this week was getting to see some of the back story. The opening FMV to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is pretty epic, but this week we got to see how it affected some of the core characters first hand. We got to see each of the battle leaders' reactions as they had news filtering in from the battlefield and how they each responded to this crisis.

It was all related to a coming together of the three nations in remembrance of those who fought and lost their lives at the Battle of Carteneau and it meant that we got to ride on some airships!

Yes, we've been quite isolated in Gridania, but thanks to our deeds in the story so far, we were granted passage to use airships to travel between the cities. Our first stop was Limsa Lominsa, where we met Merlwyb, leader of the Maelstrom Grand Company. She acts as a fierce Roegadyn and compiles with the request for a remembrance ceremony to rally the troops and make them aware of the growing dangers.

Due to all of the travelling, this week ended up being quite heavy on the story. However, it feels like we're getting somewhere now. We've ventured outside of Gridania, just as we were starting to feel comfortable, and it means we have to familiarise ourselves with a new city and a new land. It's quite exciting actually and I can't wait until we are able to head to Ul'Dah next. It's one of the areas I spent a lot of time in the original Final Fantasy XIV, so it should be fun to see how it differs.

Be sure to check out the YouTube version of our chronicle below:

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