Defeating the Clay Golem in Final Fantasy XIV

By Lauren Alessandra on October 20, 2015, 2:18PM EDT

Starting off this week's episode, we're finishing off the main scenario quest "Spirithold Broken" where we have to run around and speak to people in an effort to find out what's going on in the Spirithold. Apparently our friend the dark Organization 13 looking member is behind the disturbance and we're forced to fight a big rock monster.

Afterward, Yda and Papalymo meet up with us and for some reason, we're able to look into their past and see them spotting some Ixali who they believe might be trying to summon their primal.

Afterwards we try to tackle a bit more of our hunting log which gives us a LOT of experience. Unfortunately though, whenever you want one type of fiend, there's normally another one nearby that wants to kill you as well. Silly Roselets.

We also make our first trip to the Lavender Beds. This is a little housing area in Gridania. It really is lovely looking.

After exploring the sites of the Lavender Beds, we head back to New Gridania to hand in our Main Scenario Quest to Mother Miounne. We now have rooms at the Inn! These are really great as you can get a "rested bonus" for the time that you spend there logged out of the game. If you stay in there for the maximum amount of time, you can gain 50% additional exp through combat, synthesis, and gathering upon your return which is AWESOME!

We also unlock Guildleves which are great ways to get exp early game when you don't have Raids unlocked. They're essentially little side quests where you can do a number of things like escort missions and hunting missions. You can get some items and exp through completing these along with some bonuses by completing them efficiently. Darryl and I try to focus on getting ones that are higher levels so that we can reap the most benefits.

Finally we've unlocked Recommendations which is an awesome little feature that will tell you quests/duties available in your specific area. They're available through your duty menu, but will also pop up every time you login which makes it really handy to have. And with all that we made Mother proud! Woot! We also got some new equipment but I'm really really not happy about the hat. It just looks so silly. Guess we'll have to complete more missions so I can make myself look a bit better.

Mother Miounne has another Main Scenario quest for us called "On to Bentbranch" where we need to speak with someone named Keitha. The best bit is that we get to see the chocobos! We also accept the Guildleve quest so that we can get started on Leves around the area.

Now we're onto find a Hi-Potion in Old Gridania. Thankfully the Independent Apothecary Albgast has one for us so we can complete the "More than a Flesh Wound" quest. Now onto more hunting! We can finally conquer the treants. So crazy how fast it goes from when you start. Afterwards we hand in our hi-potion and complete the "More than a Flesh Wound" quest.

With that we accept our first Levequest which is "Too Close to Home". It's a level 10 one so being that we're level 13, it shouldn't really be that difficult for us... right?

We hand in another quest as we make our way towards Keitha who apparently needs some help around her Chocobo stables. Our first task is to help feed the Chocobos. I tried to race Darryl, but unfortunately lost. I will beat him at some point. We accept the next Main Scenario quest where we have to check out some Qiqirn scramblers who might've stolen some Chocobo eggs, the jerks.

Heading back through Bentbranch, we defeat some more enemies in our hunting log and pick up a "well-worn fishing rod" to complete our "Favor for the Fisherwoman" quest. Returning the rod to Berthe, we head deep within Bentbranch to gather up some more quests and, of course, run into some Diremites. Unfortunately Darryl's next enemy on his hunting log are the Magicked Bones which are close to the entrance of the Tam-Tara Deepcroft raid. They all seem to hang out in one place and are, of course, all angry. Darryl tries to pull some of them out for us, but I like to live dangerously and ran right in. Oops.

Next on the list of quests we have the "If Ye Break the Faith" where we have to lay some lillies down in some barrows then get attacked by a Glowering Glowfly along with some more Diremites. Why are they so obsessed with us?! They even try to attack poor Balarr who we hand in our quest to. Just stop, Diremite. You're not invited!

Finally meet up with Roseline in the forest and slay some Qiqirn scramblers along with some more Diremites. Then, since we're in the area, we decide to take on our first Leve where we have to defeat some Anoles.

We then head back to Roseline and take on a few more quests involving more Diremites. Finally we close out our adventure for the day by accepting a couple more quests from Keitha and Eylgar at the Chocobo Ranch.

Overall, we had a good time this week in Eorzea. I'm finding the map quite difficult to use on the PlayStation 4. I'm tempted to try and use a keyboard and mouse, but I really want to stick with the controller if I can. Really the only things I have trouble with are the chat logs and the map.

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