Our First Bite At The Final Fantasy XIV Main Story Scenario

By Darryl Kaye on October 11, 2015, 5:09PM EDT

We took some big steps this past week in our Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn adventure. Perhaps the most important step was our first proper dive into the main story scenario, but it was also good to get past the first 10 levels.

As we've found over the past two weeks, many of the early quests are designed to help you learn your way around Gridania and get you used to the different skills that are at your disposal. This theme continues for a little while longer, but once the main story scenario starts to get into full swing, there's a little less hand holding from the game. It means the tutorials start to die down and you're left more to fend for yourself.

The transition is pretty seamless and it wasn't too long before we started seeing less and less quests dolled out from within the Gridanian walls. Instead, we started venturing to some of the neighboring places to pick-up quests. One unfortunate one from Emeria dealt with a rather craze love affair that we had to end.

Shortly after, we took part in our first big Fate. We had taken part in some before, but they often revolved around killing waves of enemies. This one, called Micromanaging, saw us having to take down a singular foe called Curupira - a massive Ochu. It wasn't all that challenging, but it was good to see the game modifies depending on the types of enemies you are facing.

Up until now, our main scenario quests had been more about teaching than any real kind of story progression. That all changed when we met with Yda and Papalymo, as they helped us thwart some evil foes. Following the fight, there was a rather mysterious cutscene featuring a massive crystal - it was pretty foreboding and by the time it ended, nightfall was upon us.

We ended up around level 13 by the end of this week and I'd unlocked another new ability called Bloodletter. As I explained last week, this move is an ability that is kin dof similar to Misery's End. However, the difference is that you can cast this at any point - there's no dependency on enemy health. It means that once an enemy goes down to 20 percent, you can really hammer things home by using abilities straight after each other, with a weapon skill sandwiched in between. It certainly makes things a little bit more intense and ensure you're paying a bit more attention to your hotbar.

I'm hoping that our progression will speed up a little from this point on. It feels like we have so far to go before anything extensive happens, but perhaps I'm just feeling that way now because the game feels so vast.

Anyway, be sure to check out the video of this week's efforts below!

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