Second Week in Final Fantasy XIV: Bring on the Funguars

By Lauren Alessandra on September 29, 2015, 5:31PM EDT

Welcome all to week 2 of our Final Fantasy XIV adventures! Another week down in Eorzea and already Mr and Mrs Patch have grown significantly since last time. It's very unfortunate, but a majority of our time last week in Eorzea was spent killing Squirrels, Ladybugs and Funguars. With that being said though, it feels so good getting some quests completed.

This week also saw little Cabbage get her first hunting log as well as her first official Quest from the Conjurer Guild. E-Sumi-Yan is the Conjurer Guild Master who has some pretty epic looking robes. I also get my first little bit of Conjurer gear with a massive hat. It's so adorable how gigantic it is on Cabbage. Almost like Vivi's hat in Final Fantasy IX.

I find myself still very reliant on the map in game. Hopefully this will change in the coming weeks. It's almost like how you feel when you rely on a GPS for everything. I just can't find the right landmarks to follow!

A lot of the other quests we're doing at the moment are messenger focused; go speak with this guy here, collect these items for me, give so and so this. It's a really good basic introduction to the game and it gets your EXP up which is also very important! It's a bit overwhelming though when you see just how many small quests there are in the beginning. They scattered all around Eorzea and sometimes when you feel like you've completed a particular character's quests, they pull out another one immediately after.

We've also taken part in our first FATE this week against a Level 3 Dschubba. Being at level 7, it really wasn't that big of a deal, just took a bit of time to get his HP down. FATEs also offer a ton of EXP so taking part in them is crucial to leveling up. I suppose due to how long Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has been out now (which is about 2 years), most of the players have moved on from the beginner locations so it feels quite empty compared to how it was when Darryl and I first started, but in a way it's been a bit better as we've been able to reap quite a bit of EXP from the fates by doing them as a twosome. I've already leveled up twice in this week alone!

I finish up this week by handing in my "Trial by Earth" Conjurer quest and nabbing some Copper Wristlets. Hopefully next week I can change Cabbage out of her little starter pantaloons. See you next week! You can check out the video of our adventures this past week below:

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