Starting Afresh In Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

By Darryl Kaye on September 21, 2015, 2:15PM EDT

Despite lots of good intention, my previous Final Fantasy XIV adventure finished quite some time ago. Eorzea was a bustling place, but it was difficult to dedicate the time required to fully immerse myself, and young Pumpkin Patch drifted into the abyss of neglect.

After long consideration, it now feels like the right time to get back into Final Fantasy XIV. Heavensward is in full swing and there has been a slew of updates that have been constantly tempting me to dive back in. So we bit the bullet and I will now be striving towards being a hero in these new lands.

This time will also be shared with Lauren, with the plan being to alternate between our two experiences. While I spent copious amounts of time within Final Fantasy XI and played Final Fantasy XIV 1.0, Lauren is much more fresh faced when it comes to MMOs and the parallels should hopefully make for some interesting reading!

The first port of call, was of course deciding on a server and also creating the new incarnation of Pumpkin Patch. We decided on Moogle (as opposed to Ragnarok) this time around, as we are planning to team up with our friends in the <a href="">Narshe Red Wings. They've been very supportive of our endeavours to jump back into Final Fantasy XIV, but they had little influence over the new iteration of Pumpkin Patch again being a Lalafell! They are just so adorable, and I've not been able to think about playing as anything else since my Tarutaru in Final Fantasy XI.

Unlike Final Fantasy XI, where I spent much of my time as the stereotypical Taru Black Mage, this time around I wanted to go for something a bit less obvious. It means I will be striving towards Bard, but for now that means I'll be tackling Archer. This is the same route I took last time, so hopefully it should be quite familiar!

After checking out the opening cutscene, Gridania was the first port of call. It was actually quite useful to go right back to the beginning again as it meant there were plenty of tutorials popping up everywhere. Some of them were useful, some of them weren't, but that was the good thing about experiencing it second time around, as a lot of it felt quite obvious. We wanted to make sure we took it easy though, so that meant sorting out most of the quests from within Gridania's walls.

The majority of these quests were fetch quests, but they did help to highlight some of the different things that can be done. It was good to start gaining some early levels too, before we venture into the outside world and start squaring off against squirrels and lady bugs.

It was just good to be back, experiencing this rich land. It's a little bit different from when we first ventured in, as a lot of people have moved onto to greater and grander things, but Gridania still has the same warmth, and the music that just feels like it's taken straight out of the Lord of the Rings.

Feel free to check out the video version of our first week escapades below and hopefully you all enjoy reading about our journey back into Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. I'll see you next time!

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