E3 2016 Highlights: Electronic Arts Press Conference

By Mike Sousa on June 13, 2016, 12:48AM EDT

Thinking of all members of our community who have lost the conferences or who want to recap what has been announced, we decided to condense all the information in one place, starting with Electronic Art's conference.

The gaming community had a lot of expection regarding the Electronic Arts Press Confrence. With a few long-awaited titles such as Mass Effect Andromeda and the next Star Wars game, there sure was a lot to look forward to.

The announcements actually began even before the press conference itself started, as the release date for Titanfall 2 was leaked earlier this morning, along with the single-player trailer. Shortly after the leak, Electronic Arts officially announced that Titanfall 2 will release on the 28th of October on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

It wouldn't be until the conference itself that we would get a taste of the Titanfall 2's multiplayer in an action packed trailer. According to Electronic Arts, Titanfall 2 features six new Titans, each with its unique combat abilities. The gameplay offers a lot of depth and variety, along with a robust progression system, lots of customization options and huge arsenal of weapons.

It wouldn't be a EA conference without sports games, with Madden NFL 17 being the first to appear on stage. EA's Peter Moore said that Madden NFL 17 will bring the "most balanced gameplay to date" to the series. In addition to the three new tiers of competitive online modes, the game will also include a "Play the Moments" mode that allows players to participate and experience just the important milestones in each game and skip the rest of the matches.

This was followed by Mass Effect Andromeda. While some were expecting to finally see the game in action, that wasn't the case. Unfortunately, there wasn't really that much to show, as the trailer focuses heavily of behind the scenes and little of the actual game. However, we were promised new details about the game this Autumn.

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We returned to sports, but this time with FIFA 17. The latest entry in the soccer series takes a step in a new direction with the introduction of a completely new game mode never seen before in the series, The Journey. Similar to a story mode from other game genres, you take on the role of Alex Hunter, a rising star in the Premier League. However, you will see more than just games, as Hunter's daily life is also a big part of this mode.

Electronic Arts then announced EA Originals program, a new initiative that's meant to help independent developers release their games. The first game to be part of this program is Fe, a game where you play as cub. Fe is described as "a personal narrative about our relationship with nature, the land, and its beings," a game that reminds us that everything in the world in connected.

Star Wars was another inevitable game that would surely make an appearance at Electronic Arts' press conference. Instead of showing new gameplay, Electronic Arts decided to share their plans for the future of Star Wars games. There's sure a lot to look forward too, including new content for the games that are out already, Star Wars Battlefront II, the action adventure Star Wars game from Visceral Games, and a third-person action adventure Star Wars game that is currently being developed by Respawn Entertainment.

The last game to be shown at the conference was Battlefield 1. The game will feature intuitive destruction and dynamic weather, elements that will make each battle plays out differently and that the players can use to their advatage. It was also revealed that the game will be getting an open beta this Summer. You can see the multiplayer component in action in the video above.

If you want to see the whole conference, you can check the video below. What is your opinion on Electronic Arts' conference? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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