LIGHTS Interview Part 1: LIGHTS The Gamer

By Darryl Kaye on August 28, 2009, 12:00AM EDT

Aside from singing, LIGHTS loves to play video games. She is an avid World of Warcraft player, and is actually taking part in Microsoft's Game with Fame, an event that's taking place on the 29th of August, 2009 in Ontario, Canada.

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with LIGHTS during her UK tour to ask her about this event, how she got into gaming, and to ask about any possible involvement she might have with the industry in the future.

You can find out more about LIGHTS at her official site.

Gaming Union: You're taking part in Game with Fame, a Microsoft event. How did you get involved with that?

LIGHTS: Erm, I was asked to. I'm playing V-Fest on the 29th in Toronto, so it's going to be there and we're going to go to the Xbox tent. I have an Xbox which I really enjoy playing. So they asked me to take part and I was like 'Fame? I'm not famous! But I'll do it because I love playing Xbox!' I'm like 'Oh no, I have to play Xbox for an hour, that sucks...'. It's going to be an absolute blast. We're going to do some Mortal Kombat vs DC and UFC.

GU: How did you get into gaming in the first place?

LIGHTS: It's a getaway. As a musician, your whole life, your hobby, everything you do becomes your job. You can't really take a weekend off from who you are. The only chance to have your break is when you have your head as a different person, you can role-play. I like to play some games so you can be someone else for a while. I play World of Warcraft for that reason; it's like a whole different person. It's a total getaway, honestly, and it's very relaxing and that's probably why it's so addictive. You can become someone else and you can succeed in so many different ways in that world. It's a blast.

GU: Have you ever thought about getting into composition for games?

LIGHTS: I would love to, hey, I would love that. I've done soundtracks for a few minor things, including something for a friend. My friend made a little bunny cartoon and it was really fun. She told me how it was supposed to go, like the angry parts and how I was supposed to be put together. And I had so much fun with this score that I just started coming up with musical pieces that didn't necessarily have words or any purpose... and now that you mention that, I think it would be a blast! Some of the most genius musical pieces like the Mario song, I know how to play that and play it all the time because it's so awesome. I would definitely do that!

GU: You just mentioned the LIGHTS comic, but what would a LIGHTS game be like?

LIGHTS: Ooo, it would be awesome! The comic is called Audio Quest: A Captain LIGHTS Adventure. She's basically scavenges, she's like the Han Solo of the music in the environment; she scavenges around for sounds. The whole concept of the universe is based around sound. Her laser gun has sound rounds, and her jet pack is fun off of sound samples she's collected. It would definitely be a role-playing game where maybe you discover new territories like in World of Warcraft. As opposed to PvP, you'd probably do a lot of gathering, it'd probably be kind of a wussy game. But you could PvP, or PvE I guess because there's one major villain called Lotar and he's like this arch-villain that wants to collect all the sound and he has loads of robots. I'm not going to tell too much of the story, but she has to fight a lot of stuff along the way.

GU: So there could be a Marvel/LIGHTS game?

LIGHTS: Oh, it would rule! I'm seriously hoping that happens down the road.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for Part Two of the interview, which is all about LIGHTS' music career.

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