E3 2010: Tournament Of Legends Interview

By Darryl Kaye on July 5, 2010, 9:22AM EDT

Tournament of Legends has gone through quite a metamorphosis during its development cycle. It originally started out as a very mature fighting game which was entitled Gladiator A.D., but things changed and the game is now much less graphical in its violence and it features many mythical enemies.

At E3, we had the chance to speak to Pat Dolan about the game. He's the lead designer at High Voltage Software, so it was definitely interesting to hear his perspective on certain issues, such as Wii MotionPlus, PlayStation Move and Microsoft Kinect.

Gaming Union: What are your expectations for the game - how do you think it's going to do?

Pat Dolan: I really hope it's going to do well. We've found that any time we get people to sit down a play the game they really seem to have a lot of fun. As soon as you get it into people's hands the have fun, they enjoy it and I think that's going to be what moves it right there. They're bringing it out at $29.99, which I'm hoping is really going to get the ball rolling on that. It makes it a little more accessible. Everybody's budgets are a bit tight right now and this makes a little more sense to get it into more people's hands and they'll tell people and we'll go from there. And people like you will help, so get the word out!

Gaming Union: Does This Support Wii MotionPlus? If not, why not?

Pat Dolan: No, we actually got the Wii MotionPlus kits just as we were wrapping up with this. And, quite frankly, we'd already worked around the problems that we were running into that we would have needed Wii MotionPlus to fix. So, it was a question of, we either had to tear everything out that we already had to put in support for Wii MotionPlus to bring it right back to where we had it or just to say "alright, we'll just stick with our solution and go forwards". It's [Wii MotionPlus] is some great tech, but we'd already built the system around it. Next time, next time.

Gaming Union: Are you hoping for a sequel?

Pat Dolan: Oh yes, I would love to do another one. I think there's a lot of potential that we could really elaborate on and really add a ton of content to this now that we've got the ground work in place.

Gaming Union: Is there any reason why you went with the Wii and not the PS3 or Xbox 360?

Pat Dolan: Oddly enough, yea. The inspiration, quite frankly, was the dual control system. We thought it would be fun to have a weapon in each hand. And it's like, that seemed really natural, so that's obviously where we started with the whole thing.

Gaming Union: It also helps you differentiate yourself from the competition.

Pat Dolan: Yea, definitely. Although honestly, we weren't really trying to emulate anyone else. We were trying to develop our own system with this. We pulled in ideas from other games obviously, but we weren't just trying to blatantly imitate what's already out there. We wanted to do something that was a bit newer, that fitted a bit better with the system and with the controls we had available. And I think we pulled it off.

Gaming Union: This is a Nintendo Wii exclusive right?

Pat Dolan: It is, right now. laughs

Gaming Union: Any plans to support PlayStation Move or Microsoft Kinect?

Pat Dolan: Again, it's an exclusive on the Wii, for now. That's about all I can say.

Gaming Union: So you're looking into some possibilities?

Pat Dolan: Yea, that's certainly a good way to put it.

Gaming Union: Well it looks like this game would perfectly suit Move.

Pat Dolan: Yea, well I think there's a lot we could do with either one of those [Move or Kinect].

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