GamesCom: Red Faction: Armageddon Interview

By Darryl Kaye on August 27, 2010, 7:36AM EDT

When Red Faction: Guerilla appeared last year, it took a lot of people by surprise. It was quite far away from the series' roots, but one thing remained - the focus on destruction.

At GamesCom 2010, we had a chance to speak with Chad Greene Red Faction: Armageddon about how the game will differ from Guerilla and lessons that have been learnt from the earlier games in the franchise. In Red Faction 1 it was all about destruction and in Red Faction 2 it was less about destruction and more about the gameplay. Is that the kind of route you're taking with Guerilla and Armageddon?

Chad Greene: We're back to our story routes for sure and some of the sci-fi elements like introducing aliens adds a change of pace. You know, they leap around and do different things. They also add an interesting story element to the single-player storyline.

And destruction, that's what we're definitely building off of. We took Red Faction: Guerilla and said "we've got this technology working really well. You can blow up everything in the game that's man-made". It's a pretty nice technology and we wanted to keep that. So we got together and said "how do we make it better?". So, not only did we bring buildings in a lot closer, and allow you to put buildings on ceilings and on walls, and increasing destruction all around you. But the aliens and the enemies will actually cause destruction as well against you. And that was one of the key things.

So bringing all that destruction and more weapons that actually allow you to do destruction in better and cooler ways.

GU: I think that was one of the concerns. When playing Red Faction you could literally destroy anything, but in Red Faction 2 that just disappeared.

Chad Greene: Yea, well what we found, and this goes back before even me, but people got a little bit confused when we introduced organic rock material and people were thinking like "can I geomod through the rock" and all that stuff. And so we're still very simple and clear. So anything man-made can be destroyed, but we don't have destruction on the rock. But we do have crystals and other organic things that you'll see in the world that can be destroyed that are almost natural . So in Armageddon it'll be everything man-made plus things like crystals that will be identified to the player.

GU: So would you say there's a lot more destruction in this game?

Chad Greene: Yes, a lot more!

GU: How much more?

Chad Greene: I'd say at least double from what it was in Guerilla. There's a ton. You've got to think about how on the surface of Mars, all you had were buildings on one plane, the ground. Now it's all around you and it's compacted in. I mean everything's coming down around you from 360 degrees.

GU: Are there going to be huge landmarks like the bridge in Guerilla?

Chad Greene: Yes, yes. We have huge landmarks and we have vertical destruction. On the surface of Mars, we had what one, two, three storey buildings. We've now got structures that go up, you know, hundreds of feet into the air and can be brought down. And we have bridges that span chasms that, you know, if you fall down you're falling hundreds and hundreds of metres down.

GU: On that note, Guerilla had mini-games like demolition. Is that kind of stuff going to be in Armageddon?

Chad Greene: We're still discussing as to what extend activities will be a part of Armageddon. We're not at the moment going to talk any more about that, but we are discussing how we can integrate that into gameplay.

GU: Have you decided on any of the multiplayer modes? Is there still going to be the offline controller sharing?

Chad Greene: No comment on multiplayer components for now. We're going to announce multiplayer this fall, as to what it's going to be and we are having multiplayer. But we aren't going to give details on multiplayer yet.

GU: Is there going to be any kind of beta or demo? Guerilla's was really well received.

Chad Greene: We're still discussing how we're going to release this. Are we going to come out with a demo on XBLA and PSN? That's still to be determined.

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