GamesCom: Time Crisis: Razing Storm Interview

By Darryl Kaye on August 24, 2010, 5:33PM EST

Time Crisis: Razing Storm is the next iteration into Namco Bandai's shoot 'em up franchise, but it's going to be remembered as one of many firsts.

It's got multiple games in the same package (Deadstorm Pirates and Time Crisis 4 are bundled in), it's using the PlayStation Move peripheral and it's also attempting to play as a full-on FPS title.

With all these things on the table, myself and Jamie Feltham sat down to talk to the game's producer, Norihiro Nishimura. Why wasn't the game brought to the Xbox 360?

Norihiro Nishimura: One of the reasons was it's easier to play this type of game with an accessory than it is with Kinect. Did you ever think about making a new peripheral for Razing Storm?

Norihiro Nishimura: We thought about making a new, wireless one. We didn't make it because Move was released at the same time. It was pointless to make something that can only be played with one of the games while Move can be played with all of them. People that play in the arcade aren't always core gamers, so we thought Move was the perfect match for this type of game. Does the game support old Guncon peripherals?

Norihiro Nishimura: Yes the game supports Guncom for players that have bought the previous games. Are there any plans to patch the original PS3 version of Time Crisis 4 for Move support?

Norihiro Nishimura: It's not planned. Why bring Deadstorm Pirates to Time Crisis considering the differences?

Norihiro Nishimura: We thought people who brought the Move controller would want to enjoy a fun game like this that has co-operation. Also there are many ways to play it, some people will play alone and some like to play with friends to it targets many people. How long is the story? Time Crisis 3 could be done in about 15 minutes!

Norihiro Nishimura: It's much longer, we plan to have about 10 hours of content. Will the story have the same kind of cheesy appeal?

Norihiro Nishimura: The main story line is that there's a guy who wants to use a very powerful nuclear beam to destroy the world. There are 2 teams that try to stop him and it turns out to be pretty crazy. Will Wild Dog come back?

Norihiro Nishimura: Actually the story is more real, more dramatic, so it won't feature those kinds of characters. Why did you take the story in a more serious and dramatic approach?

Norihiro Nishimura: When we made the arcade version of Raising Storm, the concept was to destroy almost everything on the screen. We chose a more serious story line to balance this out. Will there be unlockables?

Norihiro Nishimura: There's no particular things to unlock but in online you can level up to learn new skills. Would you say Time Crisis can now compete with more established FPSs?

Norihiro Nishimura: I think other first person shooters are probably better in terms of story and presentation but what we were aiming for with guncon and move is more unique gameplay. We've also tried to avoid having things like enemies coming from the back to keep it like Time Crisis. So you think it could serve as a bridge between light-gun games and introducing people to first person shooters?

Norihiro Nishimura: The idea was to have people who play more guncom games get more involved in a deeper world like this and enjoy new gameplay, so you could say that.

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