Green River Ordinance Interview: Gaming

By Darryl Kaye on April 6, 2010, 7:34PM EDT

Green River Ordinance have been on the Texas radar for over half a decade now, being part of a small indie label called For Mona. Their big break came in 2008 though, when they were signed up by Virgin.

They released their first mainstream album in 2009, which peaked at 10 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart, and they're growing from strength to strength musically. They're also huge gamers though, and we were lucky enough to be able to ask them a few questions about their favourite consoles and what they're looking forward to in the future.

Gaming Union: Do you have any particular brand loyalties? What's your favourite console at the moment, and of all time?

Joshua: I don't have any brand loyalty actually. I probably have the most memories with Sega Genesis. I used to play games like Mortal Kombat, Streets of Rage, Sketchin', WWF Raw, and Shinobi back in the day. Nowadays my favorite console is the PS3 though.

Looking forward, what's exciting you at the moment?

Joshua: Heavy Rain! I know it's already out, but I haven't had a chance to play it yet. We've been on the road, so it's just been teasing me. I've heard great things. I also just watched a long demo of PlayStation Move that blew my mind.

GU: What have you been playing recently?

Joshua: Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars for PS3. It's a $10 download on the PS3 store. It has online play that's great. It's easily one of the most addictive games I've played in a while.

GU: What do you think about PlayStation Move and Project Natal?

Joshua: I think it's definitely the future of gaming. I saw a long demo of Playstation Move and it looked amazing! I'm pretty sure that Minority Report needs some royalties actually.

GU: Have you had a chance to play Final Fantasy XIII yet, and if so, what are your thoughts?

Geoff: Final Fantasy is easily one of my all time favorite brands, I am proud to say that I successfully have beaten all of the first 10 FF games. But X-2 and XII really rubbed me the wrong way. I am a huge fan of more classic style turned-based RPGs"”FFVI, VII, and IX being my all time favorite games in the series. FFIX just changed most of the classic elements that I really enjoyed with the series and since then I haven't had enough time to buy a PS3 and try out the new game. As long as the game is not based on programming your characters with action macros I will be a big fan. Square Enix is an amazing company and I am a huge fan.

GU: Is Final Fantasy XIV going to appeal to you?

Geoff: If they bring back Sephiroth I will be totally in!

GU: After being successful with CS 1.6, have you ever been tempted to get back into the FPS scene?

Joshua: I love FPS games, but CS 1.6 was definitely my big one. I played that game like it was my job"¦practicing, scrimmaging, matching, etc. I've played games like Modern Warfare and Call of Duty since, but I don't know if I'll ever get into a game as much as I did with CS.

You can check out more about Green River Ordinance at their official site.

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