Green River Ordinance Interview: Their Careers

By Darryl Kaye on April 9, 2010, 11:05AM EST

A few days ago, we posted part one of our interview with American rock band, Green River Ordinance, where we talked with them about their views on the gaming industry.

Part two of the interview focuses more on their careers: how they got started, what it was like to involved with the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, and what they've got linked up next.

Gaming Union: Could you tell us a bit about the band; who inspired you when you were getting into music?

Joshua: The band started about 10 years ago. We have been playing since we were in middle school and high school and couldn't drive ourselves to shows. We were inspired by bands from Led Zepplin to Matchbox 20 or other 90's bands. When asked what we sound like we often say that it sounds like if U2 and Tom Petty had a child that grew up in the 90s.

GU: What was it like being featured on the official album for the Olympic Winter Games?

Joshua: It was amazing! We felt really privileged to have a part in the fundraising for Team USA. We actually joke around about how it's the most athletic thing that we've done as a band.

GU: How did that come about?

Joshua: Well AT&T came to us and asked us if we would write and record a song for the Olympics; they said, “you have 4 days to finish it.” We started immediately, finished writing the song and recorded it just in time. We were really happy with the result. I was hoping that I could get a guest spot on the curling team because our song was on the soundtrack but had no luck.

GU: Out of my Hands came out last year, how do you think it was received?

Joshua: I think it was received really well. We just got done promoting our first single “Come On” for radio. Now we are working on promoting our second single called “On Your Own” which we are pumped about. 2010 has been a great year so far!

GU: What are you working on right now?

Joshua: Right now we are headlining a tour, then we are going on VH1's Best Cruise Ever (which is basically a music festival on a cruise ship). If you've never gone on something like that, you should. I think everyone should experience it.

GU: Popular artists are being featured in video games more and more, have you been approached by anyone about it?

Joshua: I don't believe we have yet, but I hope it happens. That would be sweet!

GU: What would be your ideal game to have your music featured in?

Joshua: Let's see... I'd be down with any game. It'd be fun to be in a sports game, but also a game like GTA.

Be sure to check out the Green River Ordinance Official Site to find out more about the band and thanks for reading. Also, a big thanks to Green River Ordinance for allowing us to interview them.

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