Interview With O-Games On John Daly's ProStroke Golf

By Jordan Douglas on June 28, 2010, 6:33PM EDT

At E3 Gaming Union sat down with Jim Scott, the CEO of UK based publisher O-Games. Scott's company brought John Daly's ProStroke Golf, an upcoming golfing game for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, to the show. We asked Scott about a range of topics from using John Daly as the face of ProStroke to choosing PlayStation Move for the game's motion control. In terms of motion control, Scott believes Kinect's controller free approach presents "limitations" compared to Move.

Gaming Union: Why did you choose PlayStation Move over the other motion control options?

Jim Scott: Since the game was already coming to next-gen consoles - PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 - it was natural for it to use Move. We're going to put it on the Wii next year, but I think Move gives you much greater control than the Wii Motion Plus does. [Move] was great to implement, it was very easy. All the lads are on PlayStation 3 as well, a lot of the family gamers are on the Wii, but our target market, 18-35 year old males, have gone over to PlayStation. So, it was a perfect fit to get it on PS3 with Move.

GU: Have you ever considered using Kinect for ProStroke?

Jim: We have considered using it for ProStroke, and we might get it on for the next version. The limitations of Kinect in our eyes, particularly when you're making sports games, is that you have nothing in your hand, which can make things a bit difficult. I'm not saying it's a bad system, I think it would be brilliant for certain games like fitness or family games, but when you're playing sports and you've got something physically in your hand I'm not too sure it's as good as Move.

GU: Why did you choose John Daly as the face of ProStroke?

Jim: We wanted a guy that was well known worldwide. The US and UK are big markets for golf, so we wanted a worldwide name, and John Daly was our number one choice. We got in touch with [Daly's] guys and he wanted to be a part of the game. What he loves about it is you're swinging the club for real, that's why he wanted to be involved.

GU: What does ProStroke do to separate itself from the competition?

Jim: Well, Tiger Woods, for example, is a reasonably easy game to play, there's a lot of help that the system gives you. So, it's quite easy to get the ball on the green, you're usually under par. ProStroke is more challenging, it's less forgiving in some sense, even though we've got different skill levels.

GU: Are you going for a more realistic approach?

Jim: Absolutely. We aren't saying it's a simulator, but it's very realistic, much more realistic than Tiger Woods. There's a lot more to think about [in ProStroke], you've got to set up your shots properly, thinking about the lie of the green, pitching onto the green, etc... it's much more authentic.

GU: When can we expect to see the game on store shelves?

Jim: It'll be this fall, we're aiming for September, but hopefully this fall. We'll announce something in maybe a couple months.

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