Shadows of the Damned Interview

By Darryl Kaye on May 4, 2011, 6:44PM EST

Shadows of the Damned is shaping up to be one of the more interesting title's in EA's line-up this year, as it promotes an rather different art style and some thought-provoking gameplay.

While we couldn't catch up with Suda51, we did still manage to speak with Steve Matulac, who's the senior producer on the game from EA's side. What's it been like working with Japanese developers?

Steve Matulac: It's been really great, we couldn't ask for a better collaboration than working with Suda-san, Mikami-san and the Grasshopper Manufacture. I spent quite a lot of time last year with the developers, I got to know them, and they have a great process. How does working with Japanese developers compared to working with Western ones?

Steve Matulac: There's obviously the language barrier that you have to get over, but they are very precise in what they want. They want to make sure they're doing everything that's expected of them, but also, they think about pushing the envelope. And this design [with Shadows of the Damned] is one of the most interesting designs I've ever worked on in my career. So I feel very blessed to work with them on this project. There has been a bit of negativity surrounding Japanese developers recently, was that in your mind when they were approached?

Steve Matulac: The only thing initially, was if the language barrier was going to be an issue, if we would be able to communicate with them effectively, and it hasn't been. They have quite a lot of English speakers on their staff, so it's been a welcome surprise to work with them. So you'd be happy to work with other Japanese developers in the future?

Steve Matulac: Yea, perhaps. I'm open to that. Platinum Games are throwing themselves out there at the moment..

Steve Matulac: Yea, exactly. What are your expectations for this game?

Steve Matulac: Well, EA was sort of pushing the edge on this title because it's not your standard IP, it's a new IP. It's a sort of niche market because of that type of grindhouse style. So it's a fan that we're not normally going for and we're pushing the edge there. We want to expand the overall portfolio for EA. So if it's successful, we may see more experiments?

Steve Matulac: We're going to take any opportunity that we can. We've got core products that we're looking at, but then we've got these areas that we can expand. This is definitely an opportunity for us to do that and EA will always look for opportunities where they can push the edges. So there's an opportunity for Shadows of the Damned 2?

Steve Matulac: Perhaps, yea, so let's see if the market really takes an interest in it.

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