Final Fantasy XIII-2 Interview with Jason Marsden (Noel) - We Want Your Questions

By Lauren Alessandra on March 26, 2012, 4:06PM EDT

You thought we were done with the Final Fantasy XIII-2, didn't you? With Lightning, Caius, Snow and Serah down, who else could we possibly get?! Well, ladies and gents, Jason Marsden who plays Noel has agreed to do an interview with us and we're more than stoked.

Marsden's resume is jam packed with some pretty cool roles including Haku from 'Spirited Away', Griff from the 'Sonic the Hedgehog' TV series, even Chester McBadbat from 'The Fairly OddParents'. Like our other interviews in the past, we're giving you guys, the fans, the opportunity to ask him some questions. These can be about his career, what it's like to be a voice actor, and so on!

The interview will be recorded on Wednesday, March 28th so make sure you get your questions in ASAP! Until then, make sure you check out our other Final Fantasy XIII-2 Interviews. There's quite a selection now!

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