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Final Fantasy Union

Final Fantasy Union was borne out of love for the franchise and has continued to grow from strength to strength. Whether it's interviews with the creators and voice cast, attendance at important trade shows, editorial or our massive podcast, we've got you covered as a fan of the series.

As a signal of intent for the site, we had the opportunity to interview Yoshinori Kitase and Takeshi Arakawa prior to the release of Dissidia: Final Fantasy. We then went to E3 2009 with a larger contingent of Gaming Union. Here, we were in attendance at the Sony Press Conference for the shock announcement of Final Fantasy XIV and then the subsequent Square Enix press conference.

We haven't looked back, attending E3 and Gamescom numerous times, while also heading to the Tokyo Game Show (love those closed mega theatres), all to get the best coverage for you guys, the fans. We've interviewed many, many Square Enix dignitaries, attended tons of press events and written plenty of editorial.

Oh, and we also started up the most successful and enduring Final Fantasy podcast in history and recently partnered with Square Enix for a project related to Final Fantasy Type-0 HD!

It's been a blast and we hope the good times continue to roll!

Kingdom Hearts Union

Well, where to begin? Kingdom Hearts Union was launched as a sister site to Final Fantasy Union back in 2009 by Darryl, Kyle and Nelson. It was set up to compliment the also new podcast series, also called Kingdom Hearts Union (hosted by Lauren McFadden and supported by Marina and Fozzie). We have enjoyed some rather cool successes throughout the years, scoring interviews with the likes of Richard Epcar (Ansem), Quinton Flynn (Axel) and Shanelle Workman (Larxene) and reporting news to the masses in support of the booming podcast series.

Throughout the years, we have seen staff change around and that includes the podcast too. However, Fozzness (Lauren) has always been at the forefront of keeping Kingdom Hearts Union ticking over and she's been supported by Darryl on the site and Branden, Churro and Sabrina on the podcasting front. Ysabelle has also joined to help provide some features (namely about Kingdom Hearts Chi) and things couldn't be better.