Dark Void Downloadable Content Coming Next Week

By Jordan Douglas on February 4, 2010, 9:13PM EDT

Capcom has announced, through a press release, that Dark Void downloadable content (DLC) will be hitting PSN and Xbox Live next week. The DLC is being described by the company as an "arcade-esque experience" which will have players fighting "through hoards of enemies on the ground and in the air... the goal being to survive to Round 10." Seems Capcom, like many other developers, have taken a page from Gears of War.

Also announced is the release of the Dark Void soundtrack coming February 9th to CD and digital download. The soundtrack will feature 80 minutes of score as well as a special track, "Theme from Dark Void (Mega Version)," which apparently is the theme from the recently released DSiWare title, Dark Void Zero.

The Dark Void DLC will be available on February 10th for 400 points ($5.00) on Xbox Live and on PSN February 11th for $4.99.

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