DSi XL Comes to North America Next Month

By Shawn Collier on February 24, 2010, 11:38PM EDT

At the Nintendo Media Summit held in San Francisco today, the company announced the official release date for the Nintendo DSi XL, as well as the price for the system. The Nintendo DSi XL is a larger version of the Nintendo DSi, which was released last year in North America and Europe. It removed the Game Boy Advance functionality but added new features like a Wii-stylized home menu and a camera which can take pictures.

The Nintendo DSi XL will hit North America on March 28, 2010 and will retail for $189.99. Besides the larger screen, the DSi XL also features a super-size stylus "pen" which is shaped very similarly to that of a normal everyday writing pen. The Internet Channel is also pre-installed on the system --- the original DSi required users to download it for free to use it.

The company also revealed that they will be releasing a game entitled "100 Classic Books" on June 15, 2010 for $19.99, which will feature, of course, 100 classic books such as Bram Stroker's Dracula.

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