Latest Modern Warfare Fix Coming To Xbox 360

By Adam Ma on February 6, 2010, 7:39PM EDT

Another wave of exploits will bite the dust soon, putting Xbox 360 owners one step closer to a bug free Modern Warfare 2 experience. A patch fixing Care Package speed (which will also be a fix to Sentry Gun and Emergency Airdrop glitches), Sentry Gun terrain exploits, Model 1887 range bugs and various XP hacks will be released 'soon' to Xbox live.

Though Infinity Ward has yet to release an exact date, they have let the community know that the patch entered Microsoft certification on February 5th. This means all that's left is for Microsoft to give the ok, which also guaranteeing that the patch won't mess with any other Xbox Live services (an important note considering prior Modern Warfare/Xbox Live mishaps). Considering that the patch went live for PC and PS3 users close to a month ago, it should be out very soon.

While it's really hard to stomach the rampant waves of cheating that occur between each patch, it can at least be said that Infinity Ward takes these things seriously. Or at least serious enough to constantly fix the bugs, which is more can be said for some developers. With luck this will be the last of the games large patches, though with a new map pack set to appear this Spring who knows what new exploits will show up.

Source: Infinity Ward Forums

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