New Saints Row And Red Faction Titles Will Be Shown At E3

By Jordan Douglas on February 20, 2010, 9:03PM EDT

THQ has confirmed that new Saints Row and Red Faction games will be shown at E3 later this year. In an interview with IGN, THQ Chief Executive Officer Brian Farrell said, "I think we're going to blow people away at E3. You'll be seeing Saints Row 3. You'll be seeing the next Red Faction... I think people are going to go, "Oh my God. They've got their stuff together."

THQ is coming off a disastrous 2008 which saw the company close five studios, but Farrell believes the company has got powerful franchises such as Saints Row, Red Faction, UFC and WWE to continue growth. "In the third quarter of last year we did three and a half million units of WWE. Since the launch of UFC, we've done three and a half million units," said Farrell talking about the strength of THQ's other brands.

Farrell also confirmed that the next Red Faction installment will not support Microsoft's Natal or Sony's Arc motion controls.

Source: IGN

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