Nippon Ichi President To Step Down (Update)

By Darryl Kaye on February 21, 2010, 1:03PM EDT

Nippon Ichi Software have recently announced that their president, Tomohiro Sato, will be resigning at the end of this financial year, on March the 31st.

The company, known for their Disgaea series, haven't been doing that well recently, as profits fell by 98% and while Sato has cited "personal reasons" for his reason for resigning, the recent downturn surely has to have impacted the decision.

Hopefully NIS can recover from this and continue to release quirky games. There has been no word yet about a successor to Sato, but they will surely announce something nearer the time.

Update:: Tomohiro Sato is actually the company's head of sales and marketing. The president, Sohei Shinkawa, is not stepping down and has no plans to.

Source: AnimeNews

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