Preorder Splinter Cell: Convinction, Get A Shotgun

By Colin Tan on February 25, 2010, 11:38AM EDT

Ubisoft has just released a video showing a pretty nifty addition to Sam Fisher's arsenal of weapons. What's the catch? Well, only those that preorder Splinter Cell: Conviction will gain access to it. What is it? A shotgun, complete with a suppressor so the bad guys won't know what hit them.

It's becoming pretty common recently to include exclusive content for customers who preorder a game, like the baby Chocobo avatar pet for those that preordered Final Fantasy XIII on the Xbox 360, and it looks like Ubisoft isn't missing out on that action as early buyers will get a chance to "silently blast their way through the game" with the exclusive SPAS-12 shotgun. It certainly doesn't sound very silent but who's complaining?

Check out the vid below for some seriously painful looking takedowns.

Source: Ubisoft

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