Sega Declares This Week 'Week of the Hedgehog'

By Adam Ma on February 2, 2010, 4:39PM EDT

Following through with their promises Sega, has not only released more Project Needlemouse information, but has revealed the month of February to be big for blue hedgehog related news. Initially hosting a contest asking for 100 pieces of Sonic related artwork, Sega has announced that the challenge has been overwhelmingly met.

Within 48 hours of the contest's posting, fans have given over 350 pieces of work, all based upon classic 'baddies' of the Sonic games. While many submissions have been hand drawn or photoshop works, some fans have gotten extremely creative, displaying characters made of Cheese-itz and candy hearts.

As for the promised Sonic information? Project Needlemouse has yet to be given an official title, however they will be giving away a 'big announcement' sometime next weekend. Sega was kind enough to dispel the rumor that the project was in fact an HD remake of Sonic 1, which is great news. In light of the positive responses to all the art, Sega has also decided to give away one extra piece of Sonic Merchandise for every 50 pieces of art submitted past 100.

It's nice to see a company really interact with fans like this, and though it will take a while longer to receive some real Project Needlemouse news, having some frightening rumors dispelled is just as appreciated.

Source: Sega America Blog

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