Splinter Cell: Conviction Release Date Etched In Stone

By Kyle Wynen on February 4, 2010, 10:47AM EDT

Ubisoft Montreal has simultaneously proved that not only do they have a sense of humour, but they also now have a solid release date for Splinter Cell: Conviction. The Xbox 360 and PC title is now etched in for an April 13th release worldwide, and we say 'etched' because that is exactly how the announcement was delivered. It was etched in stone.

IGN received their oversized skipping stone with the date '4.13.10' laser etched into one side, and the Splinter Cell logo etched into the other. Incase you miss the joke, Splinter Cell: Conviction has previously been delayed, and series fans were a bit disappointed in this, something Hideo Kojima even considers a crime. So the release date is now set in stone, more or less.

We can only imagine how such an arrow-dynamic rock could be used if the release date was broken again, to perhaps, express more disappointed. Check it out below.

Source: IGN

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