Welcome To GamingUnion.net, Version 2

By Kyle Wynen on February 3, 2010, 11:08PM EDT

At long last, GamingUnion.net's new layout is live! This is now the second version of our layout, go figure it's aptly named "Version 2" eh? It's an exciting day for us here at GU, as this new layout has been in development since November, and not only does it pack a slick new design, but lots of new features.

The site is now far more easy to navigate, designed to be very intuitive, with everything where you'd expect it to be as you browse around. Above all, there are now console sections for each major system, all with great looking, unique pages. They automatically divide up the news, reviews, previews, interviews and features we've written, so if you own a particular console and that's all you want to read about, or you're a fanboy or fangirl, you're all set now.

The comments system has also been tweaked, so in the next few days readers will be able to start commenting on reviews as well. The podcasts section has been completely reworked, as really just about everything has. Images in older articles may look pixelated or stretched, but as we post more news, and fix those old articles, that'll be cleared up.

So, we hope you like the new design, and as always feedback is welcome. The new design is all thanks to months of feedback from readers and GU members, and the hard work by our Art Director, Colin Tan, as well as Shawn and Darryl, who managed all the coding.

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