Zelda Wii To Require Wii Motion Plus

By Shawn Collier on February 3, 2010, 12:30PM EDT

Nintendo has revealed that the next Wii Zelda game will be require Wii Motion Plus. Previously, Nintendo had hinted that the game would use it but never fully stated if it would be required.

Nintendo officially revealed the development of the title during E3 2009, showing off a piece of concept artwork but with little much else besides some comments from the company.

In an interview with Famitsu this week, Nintendo producer Eiji Aonuma said that he hoped to have the game playable with all of its core elements in time for E3 2010. During the interview when he mentioned the requirement of Wii Motion Plus, he said "it just feels so natural...Link's sword and the controller that you're holding become one.". He also hinted that the way you fight enemies could be the key to solving some puzzles.

Later in the interview Aonuma also hinted that the game could be released by the end of the year, due to pressing the team for a quicker release due to fan anticipation. This could be more likely to happen due to the fact that he was able to get Spirit Tracks from a Spring 2010 to a Winter 2009 release, which he also pressed for an earlier release.

Source: Andriasang

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