Concept Art Of The Last Story Surface

By Kyle Wynen on March 11, 2010, 1:47PM EDT

The Last Story has been lying under the radar for about a month and a half as it continues development, however today three pieces of concept art have surfaced from Japan. The Nintendo published, Mistwalker developed game is set to hit the Nintendo Wii, though at what point is yet to be known.

The concept art shows what looks like two similar sea-side settlements, quite heavily armed settlements at that. The first image is a distant overhead view, sort of like an over-world map, showing the geography of quite a large area. The second image is a closer angled look at the cliffs boarding a sea, of which a large castle-like structure and dozens of turrets sit on. The third image looks to be another area, though the structures look like those seen in the previous images. There's pirate ships, some broken towers, and a beam of light emitting like a laser from the top of the main structure.

Mistwalker is headed by the "Father of Final Fantasy" Hironobu Sakaguchi, which in-large explains how alike previous Mistwalker games are to the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games. With this art it looks like Sakaguchi might have something in between. Check out the images below.

Source: Nintendo

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