Dead Space 2 Dismemberment Contest

By Colin Tan on March 9, 2010, 12:58AM EDT

Dead Space fans get your violent imaginations running because the guys over at EA and Visceral are holding a contest for Dead Space 2. Winner gets their melee takedowns and their faces forever engraved in the horror survival thriller.

The contest requires participants to come up with as gruesome and badass a melee takedown as possible for the game's protagonist, Isaac. He can be up against any sort of necromoth as long as the takedown fits the game. Participants can submit their ideas through video, drawings and even words if they happen to be the wordy type of people.

The contest runs from the March 8 all the way through to March 26. Finalists will be selected based on creativity and execution by the Dead Space 2 team. The winner will then be voted upon. For more info, check out the Dead Space 2 Facebook page.

Just to note, the contest is only open to individuals over 18 from Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, UK, US and Canada - with the exception of Quebec.

Source: Dead Space 2 Facebook Fan Page

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