February NPDs: 360 And PS3 Strong, Wii Down

By Jordan Douglas on March 11, 2010, 11:26PM EDT

The NPD Group has released the February 2010 sales numbers for the United States. The Xbox 360 has come out on top in hardware sales with 422K sold, while Bioshock 2 took the software crown with 563K. Below are the hardware and software numbers.

Feb. 2010 Hardware Sales (year on year change)

NDS - 613.2k (+4.3%)

360 - 422.0K (+7.9%)

WII - 397.9K (-47.2%)

PS3 - 360.1K (+30.8%)

PSP - 133.4K (-33.0%)

PS2 - 101.9K (-22.2%)

Both the 360 and PS3 had a strong February, PS3 in particular seeing a 31% increase from the same period last year. The Wii continues its downward trend, although shortages have been widely reported for the console. Sony has also reported PS3 shortages so it will be interesting to see the March numbers if these problems are solved. The 10 year old PS2 somehow still has life selling over 100K. When will people stop buying it, 2020?

Feb. 2010 Software Sales

  1. Bioshock 2 - 360 - 562.9K

  2. New Super Mario Bros. - Wii - 555.6K

  3. Modern Warfare 2 - 360 - 314.3K

  4. Just Dance - Wii - 275.4K

  5. Wii Sports Resort - Wii - 272.5K

  6. Modern Warfare 2 - PS3 - 252.8K

  7. Mass Effect 2 - 360 - 246.5K

  8. Dante's Inferno (Divine Edition) - PS3 - 242.5K

  9. Dante's Inferno - 360 - 224.7K

  10. Heavy Rain - PS3 - 219.3K

Bioshock 2 on Xbox 360 took the top spot in software at 563K, although since the PS3 version didn't crack the top 10 it's unclear how many the game sold in total. It seems that the Divine Edition for Dante's Inferno influenced platform choice as the PS3 version outsold its 360 counterpart. Heavy Rain came in 10th position with 219K, not bad for a week on the market. Modern Warfare 2 and New Super Mario Bros. continue to sell like hot cakes. March should be a huge month for gaming with triple A releases like God of War III , Final Fantasy XIII and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 all hitting store shelves.

Source: 1UP

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