GDC 2010: Sony Unveils PlayStation Move

By Jordan Douglas on March 10, 2010, 9:08PM EDT

During Sony's GDC Press Event, which just concluded, the company unveiled their motion controller PlayStation Move. Sony Computer Entertainment America VP of Marketing, Peter Dille, revealed that the standard kit (complete with a PlayStation Eye camera, Move controller, and a game) will cost under $100 USD. Other details revealed during the event;

-PlayStation Move bundle coming with a PS3 and everything in the standard kit

-a stand alone controller will be available for those who already own a PlayStation Eye

-targets casual gamers with party games, and core gamers with precise control

-Sports Champion revealed, looks like Sony's Wii Sports

-Move Party, a collection of party games that uses the PlayStation Eye to put the user in the game

-LittleBigPlanet with motion controls confirmed, will be used for new cooperative elements

-Eye Pet with Move confirmed for holiday 2010

-SOCOM 4 with Move support also confirmed, Sony targeting hardcore gamers by integrating Move with existing franchises

-36 third party publishers are supporting Move

Sony showed a lot of content for PlayStation Move at their press event, they seem to be taking a very similar approach to Nintendo with this except with more precise controls.

More details to come as GDC 2010 continues. What do you think of PlayStation Move?

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