Harvest Moon Creator Yasuhiro Wada Steps Down

By Shawn Collier on March 24, 2010, 10:40AM EDT

Marvelous Entertainment, the publisher most well known for the Harvest Moon, Little King's Story and No More Heroes in Japan, has announced that Yasuhiro Wada will be resigning his post as Director and Chief Creative Officer for the Digital Content Company branch, which handles the development of video games for Marvelous.

The resignation is set to take effect on March 31. Marvelous cited personal reasons as the reason for Wada's resignation. He will still have a role with the company as an advisor starting on April 1. The company has been surrounded by financial difficulties as of late, with many of their Wii titles selling less than expected. This was not mentioned in notice announcing Wada's resignation.

In addition to overseeing the game development as Marvelous, Wada was also the executive producer for No More Heroes and Little King's Story and the producer of the Harvest Moon series. The co-developer for Little King's Story, Cing, recently filed for bankruptcy.

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