Jimi Hendrix DLC Headed To Rock Band

By Jordan Douglas on March 25, 2010, 4:05PM EDT

One of the most influential guitarists of all time, Jimi Hendrix, is finally making his debut in music rhythm games, specifically Rock Band. In an interview with Rolling Stone, MTV Games alongside Janie Hendrix, CEO of Experience Hendrix, revealed Jimi's second LP, Axis: Bold As Love, will be released in its entirety on March 30th. A previously unreleased song, "Valleys of Neptune," will also be included in the DLC package.

"It's a whole new level of difficulty unto itself... the thing about these tracks is if you're a Hendrix fan you know that really what powered that vibe is that he kind of just closed his eyes and flowed from his fingers, and we really tried very hard, especially on the expert level, to recreate that effect," commented MTV Games' Paul DeGooyer.

More material from Hendrix's catalogue will be released on Rock Band in the near future thanks to a partnership between MTV and Experience Hendrix. Fans will receive additional albums, and avatars. A Hendrix retail disc, along the lines of The Beatles: Rock Band, is also being discussed.

Source: Rolling Stone

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