Kitase and Toriyama Mulling Over Final Fantasy XIII Sequel

By Colin Tan on March 13, 2010, 12:06PM EDT

Fans eagerly awaiting Final Fantasy XIII, one of the biggest titles from Square-Enix this year, were finally able to get their mitts on the game just a few days ago. Right now, we're all just about neglecting our sleep, food and for some, a social life. The excitement doesn't stop there though as Kitase and Toriyama seem bent on keeping the momentum going with revealing that they are indeed considering a direct sequel for Final Fantasy XIII.

The infamous duo revealed at a French launch party that if the opportunity came up, they would like to work on a direct sequel for the game. Of course the pair also stressed that it would depend on the sales of Final Fantasy XIII. Even so, Kitase went on to say that "in the past three years we worked both on the world and on the various systems. Creating these systems isn't very glamourous and can frankly be a bit boring. If we could do a XIII-2, we could direct all our attention to the story and refine what we have already built."

With Final Fantasy VII having already received the whole 9 yards of sequels and prequels, it wouldn't be all too surprising if Final Fantasy XIII went the same route.

Source: Final Fantasy Union

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