Mass Effect 3 Development Has Begun

By Kyle Wynen on March 25, 2010, 3:37PM EDT

Twitter has quickly become the source of all kinds of gaming news, and today it can boast the confirmation that development of Mass Effect 3 is now underway at BioWare. Christina Norman, a developer at Bioware, posted a vague, perhaps teasing message, saying, "ME3 Trivia: Today I started work on 'Project Wombat' for Mass Effect 3."

The message essentially confirms the game is in development, consider she's working on it now. There was no word on what component of Mass Effect 3 "Project Wombat" is, but according to VG247, Norman previous spoke about "Project Sasquatch", which ended up being Mass Effect 2's ammo system. It's anyones guess what "Project Wombat" is, perhaps a new taunting system.

Speculation among fans is now flying around, but Norman's lips are sealed, saying, "Wow a lot of speculation on what Project Wombat is. Sorry I can't say! I can say the name has nothing to do with the project." BioWare's Ray Muzyka previous stated that new BioWare games will be announced at E3; it wouldn't be a wild surprise to see Mass Effect 3 as one of those titles.

Source: Twitter

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